Ranking Will Ferrell projects.

The following are a list of Will Ferrell movies and a tv show where he played the lead role, listed in most recent order:

Land of the Lost
Step Brothers
Blades of Glory
Stranger Than Fiction
Talladaga Nights
Curious George
The Anchorman
Old School
The Oblongs (tv)

I would like to see what everyone thinks of these projects, please rank them in order from your least favorite to best.

Stranger Than Fiction= excellent. Really.

The Anchorman
Old School = tolerable, funny moments.

horrible unwatchable crap- the rest.

Stranger Than Fiction Very good movie cleverly done.
Anchorman Steve Carrell has some very funny moments
Talladaga Nights Apparently by my IMDB rating I didn’t hate this, though I thought I had, but I don’t recall much about it.

Everything else I have rated as garbage.

Can I give them all a 0? Will Ferrell’s about as funny as crotch itch and twice as annoying.

Stranger Than Fiction is the only movie that I remember liking that had Will Ferrell in it.

Anchorman is very quoteable.

I liked Elf.

That is the only one I liked.

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Did you watch "Stranger Than Fiction"? Ferrell was under strong directorial control there and did a fine job. OTOH, it *is *nothing at all like any other Will Ferrell movie.

Stranger Than Fiction was good.

Elf was enjoyable, though we saw it for Zooey Deschanel.

Talladaga Nights we saw for John C. Reilly, although Sacha Baron Cohen was the funniest thing in the film - pretty much the only saving grace.

At some point, when it is on cable, I’ll probably see Anchorman as I really like Steve Carrell.

The rest I haven’t seen because I watch movie review programs, check Rottentomatoes.com and see a LOT of films in the theater so I see most trailers. I figure that if the trailer doesn’t make me laugh the odds of the film doing so are pretty much nil. And the trailers for Land of the Lost, Step Brothers, Blades of Glory and Old School all failed that test.

Maybe it’s me, but I don’t find a lot of the things that seem to form the basis of Will Farrell’s comedy funny. His naked ass? Not funny. I spent summers in a nudist camp, so I’ve seen loads of flabby naked man (and woman) ass, and don’t get what is supposed to be funny about it. Pompous idiots? That’s a character, not humor in and of it’s self. It’s like he watched a bunch of Monty Python and got the funny voices and missed what the voices were saying.

Judging from what others have posted on SDMB, I must be crazy, but I thought Talladega Nights was hilarious. The two foul-mouthed kids were worth the price of admission. (“I’m gonna come at you like a spider monkey old man!”) Besides, it’s one of the few movies where Hollywood gets Southern accents right.

Of the ones I’ve seen:

  1. Talladega Nights
  2. Stranger Than Fiction
  3. Elf
  4. Old School
  5. Anchorman
  6. Blades of Glory

Exactly. If this were on the SAT, the question would be

Punch-Drunk Love is to Adam Sandler as Stranger Than Fiction is to ___________________.

Two strong and talented directors managed through an apparent combination of iron will, talent and tranquilizer dart guns to wrestle decent performances from two schtick-ridden performers notorious for the predilection for playing idiot man-children.

(See also: Robin Williams)

Stranger Than Fiction
<His SNL Career goes here>
Blades of Glory
The Anchorman
Old School

These are the only One’s I’ve seen but that’s my order from best to worst.

I haven’t seen them all, but of the ones I’ve seen:

  1. Blades of Glory
  2. Old School
  3. Elf
  4. Stranger Than Fiction
  5. Step Brothers
  6. Talladega Nights

He was in Bewitched too, wasn’t he? Doesn’t matter really, I HATED that movie.

I don’t think he really belongs in the same category. Yes, he has a tendency to go over the top, but he’s gotten quite a bit of acclaim for several dramatic roles, including an Academy Award for one and a nomination for another. I predict Will Ferrell will never match that.

ETA: Just my opinion, but Jim Carrey may be a better example. I hated his comic schtick and thought his first couple of dramatic roles were vastly overrated so I’ve avoided most of his later movies. However, I finally broke down and watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and grudgingly concluded he wasn’t terrible in it.

I loved Step Brothers and Talladega Nights. I was wise enough to see them when I was in the right mood, of course.

It’s not on the list–I’m guessing because he wasn’t the main character–but I thought Wii Ferrell was fantastic as Mugatu in Zoolander.

His best work was on SNL. I do like the Oblongs though. His movies don’t appeal to me.

He was also hilarious in a small role in Wedding Crashers.

Stranger than Fiction is the only one worth watching

Elf is pure mediocrity, but Ferrell rarely hits that level.