The Will Ferrell film: the same ol' crap.

Will Ferrell’s new film, *Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby * appears to be pretty much a repeat of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Both films are written by Farrell and Adam McKay, and directed by McKay. Both are about a pompous imbecile. Both have a title five words too long.

Who LIKES this guy? Has Will Ferrell ever played anything but a pompous idiot? Okay, in “Elf” he was an innocent idiot. Honestly, when is this nitwit’s 15 minutes going to end?

I love Will Ferrell and I think he is hilarious because he is so great at playing pompous idiots. No modern comedian is better at satirizing authority figures.

I think this movie has the potential to be the funniest NASCAR film since “Days of Thunder.”

What’s that you say? “Days of Thunder” was a drama? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Seriously, though, I think this is gonna be a good movie. And, in a weird twist, life is imitating art: the “villain” in the film is an F1 driver who comes to NASCAR. Meanwhile, Juan Pablo Montoya has announced his intentions to leave F1 for NASCAR.

I’m a big Wil Ferrel fan and will definitely see this movie.

The overly-loud ignoramus act is getting old. Not that I even thought it was funny to begin with.

This thread definitely needs more cowbell… :wink:

I thought he was pretty good in Old School. And Anchorman, for what the movie was, was made all that more funny (funnier? more funny?) by him and his tone and delivery. I expect the same from this new movie. I probably won’t see this in theaters, but I think Will Ferrel does have talent. Although, I really didn’t like him in that one movie * Metilda*? I think his comedic style was misused in the movie.

Or just more Christopher Walken, any way you can get it. Walken for President :smiley:

I dunno, when I saw the trailer for the movie and there was Ferrell running naked down the street, something told me that this time things would be different.

Well, he did play George W. Bush when he was still on SNL. Oh wait, bad example…

I’m looking forward to seeing Stranger Than Fiction. I saw the trailer for it at My Super Ex-Girlfriend and it looks great.

Somehow I never imagined that I’d ever see Will Ferrell and Emma Thompson get equal billing in the same picture. (I think I might have more easily imagined them getting equal billing in separate pictures.)

[QUOTE=Larry Mudd]
Somehow I never imagined that I’d ever see Will Ferrell and Emma Thompson get equal billing in the same picture. (I think I might have

I just saw Ferrell in Woody Allen’s Melinda and Melinda, and he was fine in it. I thought he was the best thing on SNL while he was on it and count him a fan. He might go the Adam Sandler/Bill Murray route of doing idiotic comedies and then progressing slowly to better, more dramatic roles.

I have to say, I could care less for Will Ferrell, but I just love that the lovely Leslie Bibb is playing his outrageous racing wife. :slight_smile:

Hell for me will be Will Ferrell and Andy Dick co-staring in Uwe Bowel movies based off all my favorite games.

There’s comedians who I can look at and think “Well that’s not my thing but I can see why others like him” But Will Ferrell is like the anti-humor. He sucks the life and funny out of any movie he’s in.

Uwe Boll even…sheesh what kind of Freudian slip was that?

Why does that sound familiar?


Oh, he did it in Old School.

You can’t really be serious about Adam Sandler, can you? He’s gone from bad to worse. Click was a masturbation session for Bed Bath & Beyond, not a movie, so it doesn’t count. (It probably sucked anyway.)

His progression into dramatic roles is logarithmic.

Can we change things up around here and start trashing movies AFTER people have actually seen them?

I think Anchorman and Old School are both pretty funny movies, where Will Ferrell creates pretty humorous, distinct characters. Not to mention Elf.

We’ve had comedies in every other kind of sport movie, and it’s about time that NASCAR gets one. How about someone who has seen the movie let us know what you think.

I can’t stand Ferrell…but he did make me laugh in Zoolander.

He just ain’t a leading man, folks.



He was good in a supporting villain role in Zoolander.

He was very funny as a supporting role as Franz Liebkind in The Producers. (The hardest laugh of the movie for me was his “The Hopclop Goes On” during the credits.)

His Family Guy bit character as The Black Knight in “Mr Saturday Knight” was very funny, but that’s probably because, unlike SNL and his own movies, there’s some good writing in the early seasons of Family Guy.

And his bit part as the assassin Mustapha in Austin Powers would have been funny, if it hadn’t gone on too long.

(Will Ferrell’s bit-parts-in-which-he-didn’t-suck-out-the-funny brought to you by IMDB. I’m not so much of a geek as to have remembered the last two without prompting.)