Ransom E. Olds' Car Company 1897-2001

“This isn’t your father’s Oldsmobile.”
455 Rocket (Nice engine, okay song)
“In My Merry Oldsmobile”
“Rocket 88”

And REO Speedwagon.

Today GM announced they are killing the division. Worlds second oldest car company, gone. My Mom had one of those 455 Police Interceptors. I can’t recall it well, but I do know the thing was thirsty as heck, and fast as hell. Killed mostly by GM management’s lack of brand awareness.

This is a tragedy. I love those tanks. I had a blue 68 Delmont convertible that I absolutely adored. My family named her Babe, after Paul Bunyan’s big ox. The thing was a wreck on wheels, but I still had random guys offering me pots of money for it every time I dropped the top on a sunny day. I sold it in March, and now I’m even more upset about it. :frowning:

They’re killing it off just as Olds has a few ok models. Why the hell would they allow Pontiac to live after that butt-ugly “Aztek” is beyond me.

Killing off Oldsmobile and Chrysler in general is having a hard time. US car companies need to realize that they should make something that people want other than trucks.

My first car was an Oldsmobile Calais, one of the GM cars with the bad paint job (think it was an '86) so it was blue and primer. I ran that thing into the ground and it kept coming back for more. I traded it in in May of '99 and I was sad to see the 'er go. LOL, my friends named it Desdemona, because we were reading Shakespeare in class when I got it my sophomore year of high school.

Alright, all together now [in my best Nora Bayes voice]:

“Come away with me, Lucille,
In my merry Oldsmobile—
Down the road of life we’ll fly,
Automo-bubbling, you and I!
To the church we’ll swiftly steal—
And the wedding bells will peal.
You can go as far as you like with me [!]
In my merry Oldsmobile!”

I thought it was

You can go as far as you want to go

but I know the tune and the words so I’ll gladly join in.

And don’t act all innocent about the lyrics there, Eve. Soon as they got roofs on automobiles you know darn well men and women didn’t take much longer to get ideas.


I currently drive a 1990 Olds Cutlass Ciera with 338,000 miles. I figured about 12,000 more miles and I could get a commercial or something. I don’t think Madison Avenue is going to go for the “We used to make good cars” tagline that would now be required.

Way to go, GM :frowning:

My first car was 1974 Cutlass ‘S’. Like a Supreme, but with the “fastback” look. I got a whopping 10mpg. Still, I kept it for nearly 4 years and put it over the 100,000 mile mark (it had 74,000 when I got it). Put it on the road and stomp the accelerator and wait a split second for the back two barrels of the 4-barrel carb to open and it’s whiplash city!

At least DaimlerChrysler is killing off Plymouth. One down, two divisions to go.

My new car is an Oldsmobile. Well, it’s new to me. It from 1989, an '88 model, in beautiful condition. 87,000 miles after 11 years! It has 6 horsepower or engines or something like that. Six cylinders! That’s it.

The inside is beautiful, roomy, and luxurious. You should see the size of my trunk! It’s huge! And no matter how many times I hit parked cars and cart corrals, the front part stays flawless (once I wipe off the paint chips from other cars).

That’s so upsetting! It’s like an American luxury car.

My Jiffy man said that if I get the oil changed regularly and don’t slam the brakes too much, it could easily last another 10 years.

Maybe by then it will be a collector’s item. Right now the resale value is about $2500, hopefully it’ll go up by the time I’d done with it.

I can’t fuckin believe this. This is a Goddamned travesty. Fucking Plymouth, now Oldsmobile? Goddamn it.


My first car was an '86 Olds Calais but it was black with red interior. It also had the shitty paint job. Her name was Molly. I finally got rid of her last year!! This sucks!

I drive a 1996 Olds Cierra wioth 76k miles. I love my car. I’ve owned nothing but Cryslers and Oldsmobiles. I was thinking of getting an Aztek when my car runs no more, but it is running fine

I still occasionally dream about a 1955 blue and white Oldsmobile convertible. What a perfect automobile that was.

Shows you how dumb the management at GM has become-throwing away a 100+ year old brand name. And, just when they were starting to make some really nice cars (Intrigue, Alero). I still can’t believe it!

72 Cutlass says it all!