rantless rant

What do you do when you have a personal (non-SDMB) rant, that you know you dare not post in here, but you need to let it out, somehow, or you feel you’ll blow an artery?

That’s what I am dealing with right now. I don’t have anyone to talk to. I am going to try to go burn off some of this rage on the gym here at home. I only hope it helps! I’m beginning to feel like an unopened soda that has been run through a paint can shaker. Stress sucks.

I highly recommend rereading old depressing poetry if you;re the type to have old depressing self-written poetry. I find that my high-school woes make real life seem peachy at times. :wink:

You could write your rant on a piece of paper and then burn it afterwards if you really don’t want anyone to see it. That way you can say whatever the hell you want without having to worry about it being read.

Write it down

Mail it to yourself

Have a sense of closure when it arrives

(move on to next crisis)

perhaps the gateless gate would help you with your rantless rant?

Interesting suggestions, thanks.

As it turns out, I did work out today, INTENSELY. Nothing like blasting those abs to blow off steam. I must have spent 2 hours doing various upper body exercises.

[James Brown] I feel GOOD! [/James Brown]