Rapex anti rape condom

I heard about this device a couple years ago when the idea first surfaced, but after reading another article about it today I thought I’d make a thread about it.

The device is a sort of female condom that a woman inserts when she’s worried about getting raped. When penetrated, the device attaches itself to the penis with 25 barbed teeth. Supposedly, it can only be removed by a doctor. The idea is that a rapist will be shocked by the pain, giving the woman time to escape, and then (assuming he wants to keep his johnson) turn himself in by going to a doctor to have the device removed.

Rapex product homepage

Personally, I think it’s one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard. All a rapist has to do is check for the device first, at which point the only thing it will accomplish is pissing the guy off even more. Not only that, but if the man doesn’t check first I don’t think he’d respond well to having 25 teeth unexpectedly latched on to Mr. Happy. I can just imagine it now: “What the…what’s this? Oh golly gee, you got me! You sure outsmarted me! Well, I guess I’ll go turn myself in to the cops and leave you to go on your merry way. Have a nice day!” It also seems to me that it’d be a good way for a pissed off woman to seek revenge for a recently discovered affair. Not only does she get to cause serious pain to her (ex) lover, but now she gets to accuse him of being a rapist! And what’s so magical about a doctor that allows him to remove the device that a (very motivated) rapist can’t figure out on his own? Maybe I’m missing something, but it just seems like a bad idea to me.



It’s a spoof site. No such device actually exists.

And yes, it would be a bad idea (if it really existed) for lots of reasons; making the rapist bleed during penetration is another one.

I don’t think so.

Article 2

You can find other articles about the device if you search for them.


You can also find news sources that quote The Onion, doesn’t mean the stories are true.

Also, we did this before.

Hmmm… well there have been a number of threads on this before, plus some others on a device called FemDefence (which was a barbed tampon-like device, and was definitely not a real product). Seems like every time this one comes back, it looks a bit more like a real product and less like a hoax, but then a hoax constantly under refinement would also do that.

OK, it may be real. I’m still not convinced though.

There have been several patents granted for similar devices. to my knowledge, none have been marketed.
Neal Stephenson has something like it in his novel Snow Crash. It’s called a “dentata”. (Apparently the “vagina” part is understood.)

The device has been patented. That doesn’t mean it will ever be produced, but it’s certainly not a hoax.

My apologies for not searching for a previous thread on the subject.


Blood isn’t a fluid, apparently.

We’ve definitely done this before. I think it’s a bad idea because some of the women wearing it would probably be beaten to death.

No problem, but just to nitpick: you could actually patent a device like this even if it were a hoax, couldn’t you? I mean if you had not intention other than to cause emasculation angst amongst the male audience, and invented a realisable design, you could still patent it, but it would be a hoax.

As I say though, I’m kind of unsure now, as it does appear to be getting more seriously reported.

The following is in the assumption that this product is real.

If you really are terrified of being raped, then you should arm yourself and/or take other preventive steps.

The central failing of this product is that it doesn’t prevent anything. Even if the rapist doesn’t find the device beforehand, he still penetrates the woman, even if only momentarily. He still overpowered her and has her at his mercy. I would not bet money that the woman would be able to escape from a situation like that, even assuming the rapist is alone and taken by surprise.

I’m just wondering how this is supposed to work, in any case. I’ve never been half of a female-condom-using couple, but surely if the thing isn’t rigid then there’s no guarantee that the rapist is going to obligingly end up inside it, and if it is rigid then it’s going to be mighty uncomfortable for the wearer to keep in her vagina 24/7 and even then it’s by no means guaranteed to fit the rapist’s penis. I call bullshit and figure this is just a “Wouldn’t it be great if a woman could automatically castrate anyone who tried to rape her?” pipe-dream.

Sure, it could be a hoax, but I just don’t see the point of filing for a patent, constructing a prototype, being the subject of numerous articles over the years, etc. For discussion’s sake let’s assume it’s a real product.

True dat.

Based on pictures I’ve seen (from Google images), it appears that the opening of the device is a flexible yet springy ring that expands to fill the entire opening of the vagina. Not having a vagina, I have no idea how (un)comfortable that would be, but I can imagine that it’s not. Of course, I will say it’s gotta be less comfortable than being raped…


Looking at a picture of the device I can see flaws in the design that scream BOGUS to me. However, I can envision ways to make the device practical.

It seems to me that if the barbs were long enough and the sheathe able to expand it wouldn’t matter the size of the penis. Large or small, mousey go in, mousey don’t come back out. Also, the barbs could be tiny syringes containing a strong narcotic/hallucinogen that’s expelled once backward pressure is applied against them, causing the rapist to pass out in short order. Of course a method would have to be incorporated to prevent exposure of the drug to the woman, but this seems to be a relatively easy mechanical problem to surmount. We also have the myriad legal issues of such a device, but as far as the ability to develop one that works I don’t see the problem.

Very interesting idea. If this were possible, the device would make more sense to me. It would certainly prevent extra violence, as long as the rapist didn’t discover the device ahead of time. I wonder if there is a drug that could be used that would be guaranteed to not accidentally kill the rapist?


Trust me, that’s not a failing. A woman can have the best wherewithal to defend herself and if a rapist really wants to get in there’s a good chance he will. And let’s say some women are able to successfully defend themselves, this is still only a fraction of women who are raped every year.

Of course no woman wants to be in a position of being sexually violated, and whatever can be done to prevent that I’m all for, but in cases where that’s simply not an option, to have a device that can render the rapist incapacitated, even for a short time, is much, much better than nothing, and gives the women immediate opportunities she otherwise wouldn’t have.

My personal suspicion would be that the product is both real and hoax.

The device itself is pretty much infeasible. Urban legend about the device on the other hand could potentially be a good detractor from random rape, if you can convince the stupider elements of the world that some hidden percentage of women might be wearing one. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the intent of the people taking out the patents and putting out advertisement-like material.

Wouldn’t that just alert potential rapists to check for the device before doing the deed? The success of the device depends on the rapist not knowing about it. That’s part of the reason why I think it’s stupid.