Rapidly receded gumline

On my left canine tooth, my gumline has decided to recede another 3 or 4mm up to a point

This is the only tooth i have ever had this happen too. I generally take good care of my teeth. I have been brushing and flossing regularily. Any insight.

You are not my dentist, etc. I have set up an appointment for next week.

I have that, too. Used to be they’d do gum tissue grafts. Now my dentist tells me they don’t bother anymore because it’s expensive and uncomfortable and it doesn’t really make any difference as far as the longevity of the tooth is concerned.

Mine receded to a certain point then stopped receding. My dental hygienist’s advice to me was to avoid brushing that tooth with an “up” motion – i.e., in the same direction as the gum is receding.

Every time I have my teeth cleaned my dentist tells me, “Everything looks good.” It’s obviously not bothersome to him.

Really? I had several done about 5 years ago by a specialist and my dentist said it stopped the receeding and saved those teeth. You’re right about the expense though and many insurance plans don’t cover the procedure.

All I can say is that is what my dentist told me, and who am I to question a professional who is recommending that I don’t spend $3,500 at the periodontists office? :slight_smile:

ETA: The $3,500 worth of periodontal work was recommended about 25 years ago. It’s probably $5,000 now. Anyhoo, I didn’t do it then because I couldn’t afford it, and my teeth haven’t fallen out yet.

My dentist told me the same thing. I think it depends on your age and the general state of the mouth overall. If you’re heading for dentures, it makes no sense to spend thousands of dollars to save one tooth, if you’re gonna be in dentures anyway.

My dentist has given me the advice to switch to a softer brush and to use a less aggressive motion when brushing. It probably helps to avoid cleaning the base of the teeth with a motion towards the gums, instead clean that area by starting at the gum and moving toward the tooth.

Are you right handed? I have this too and my dentist said it’s because of my right hand naturally exerting too much pressure in that area. I’ve tried to ease off, and have been using a Waterpik, which seems to help, but mine wasn’t that bad to begin with.