Rapists loose in Central Park - Rapist DUCKS, that is!


Opps, here’s the link.

Those mallards are a bunch of bad eggs, all right.

This is just the type of duckist slander that has made it tough to be a waterfowl these days.

I just followed your link, and man, am I glad I requested a user name change. :smiley:

I’ve been told I have a rapist wit.


If they levy a fine against them, will they put it on their bill?

I quack myself up sometimes.

Haven’t these ducks learned the very basics?

“Quack MEANS quack”.

Who’s your Mallard?!

Who’s your Mallard?!


It’s kind of sad when something is reported as news - that is, as something new and out of the ordinary - which is in fact, a commonplace occurance. Mallards have been cross-breeding with American Black Ducks for many years. I have a 1983 bird book which mentions Mallard-American Black Duck hybrids, and I’ll bet they were common long before that. I wonder what kind of background the “scientists” had who called the hybrids “new.” Maybe they were misquoted.

(Mallards are not picky. Many of the parks around here (Dallas, Texas, area) have ponds inhabited by Mallards, large white domestic ducks, and many domestic-Mallard hybrids.)

As for the mating habits, what looks like rape to us seems to be standard operating procedure for Mallard drakes.

I can’t find the file anywhere, but I used to have a great clip from some comedian imitating Donald Duck having sex. First thing that popped into my head when I read this. Just hearing Donald saying “Who’s your daddy” will make anyone giggle.

There once was a duck from the city
Who found the black ducks so pretty
The two got it on
Out there in the pond
While the city looked on with much pity

(I’ll try to think of a better one later)