Rapture:when will it be too late?

This is a question from an admittedly lapsed catholic to all the born-agains out there.

I remember reading some time ago that the Second Coming was scheduled to happen about now, more specifically, Christmas eve, 2000. Well, it’s the following year and so far, no Rapture.

My question is how much time would actually have to elapse before they admitted they made a mistake.(I’m not saying they were wrong, I just wondered what if it’s 50 years from now, will people still be talking about being in the “Final days?”)

I put this in great debates because I know most people have very strong views on this and it is a very polarizing subject. Believe me when I say I am not trying to be disrespectful of anybody’s beliefs, and I am stating this question purely as a philosophical debate.

In other words, I promise not to think of anyone as a kook, if they will do me the courtesy of not assuming that my non-belief will have me roasting forever.


Chris W

No person, not even the angels in heaven know when the rapture will take place, so if anyone says it 00/00/00, don’t listen cause they don’t know what they are talking about!

Dude, didn’t you see the papers? It happened. 144,000 of them, just like that! There was an unmanned car crash in Evansville, Indiana and everything.

So it turns out they were right. Sorry to be the bearer.

Second coming? I agree with manhattan, it already happened. But it happened 1,970 years ago if you believe the sources back then. First coming was in the manger. Secong coming he crawled out of the tomb after the crucifiction. Christians are waiting for the THIRD coming, because, you know, three’s a charm. Either that or they can’t count.

Maybe on the third coming and finally get those pesky Messianic prophesies right too.

As for Rapture, it happened too. Back in 1981. “And now he’s gone back up to space where he won’t have a hassle with the human race, And you hip hop, And you don’t stop…”

JerseyDiamond wrote:

Well, obviously. There’s no such date as the 0th of 0-uary.

All I have to say is that when the rapture does come … Can I have your car?

The doctrine of the Rapture was invented around 1850 by one John Darby. Its key breakthrough was that, in contrast to past apocalyptic assertions, it did not set a specific date. Background on apocalyptic thinking:

A lot of this stuff derives from the Revelations of St. John, as compared to other Gospels, roughly akin to Stephen King vs Kierkegaard.

There is an entire school of Christian study, focusing on the apocalyptic, the “terrible day”. These tend to be the same as those who posit Jesus as some sort of avenger,come the revolution the sinners go to the wall. The stark dissonance with Jesus the Lamb is apparent.

I cannot fathom a Jesus that would scoop up his favorites, his most obedient children, and leave the rest to fend for themselves. Jesus is mercy above law. Or to hell with him.

Maybe the Rapture’ll happen next leap year, on May 33rd …?

Here’s a book that people in this thread mgiht find interesting:

It chronicles the rise of the Messianic worldview over the last 150 years. It includes some interesting stories about cult leaders who have predicted the exact date of the rapture multiple times, and they never seem embarassed when the scheduled events don’t proceed as expected.

If I am not here after the rapture, you can have anything I own :slight_smile:

The Bible makes two things clear:

  1. You cannot set a date for the end of time.
  2. You can however know the general season for the end of time.

IMHO, we are in the general season for the end of time. I could be very wrong, but I’d be surprised if it were more than, say, 50 years. Maybe a lot less. It all depends on if the rate of change goes at a slow or fast pace, or if certain things are reversed (ie, Israel suddenly ceases to be a nation or something like that).

Please cite places in the Bible when it describes the season of the end of time.

I’m not being argumentative, I just want information.

riserius1 said:


Seriously. They will never admit they were wrong. OK, one or two might eventually change their minds, but, as a group, it ain’t gonna happen. People like this have been making “end of the world” predictions for centuries. It reminds me of some of the discussions over on the old LBMB (and carried over to the Pizza Parlor). They would take turns making predictions about this or that and talk about how unrest in the Middle East proves the end is nigh, etc. Whenever I would try to step in with a rational viewpoint (like the fact that using “unrest in the Middle East” as a milestone could apply to any time in the last few hundred years, and probably the next few hundred as well), it was ignored or scorned.

I read a m.j.agee’
s web site and she has been predicting the rapture every Pentecopst for three years now. THIS time she says its the ONE.
Everybody get ready now…

I hope all the people who keep misspelling words go in the rapture…

:stuck_out_tongue: ICE WOLF that’s it! That’s the answer! The Rapture!
I’m going to call in and win all those prizes! Give me your address so I can split the loot with you!

Maybe the Apocalypse is an internal rather than an external event. So, instead of sadistic angels racing around smiting small children, the entire thing might just be a metaphor for individuals’ internal struggle against sin. If you look at it that way, the Apocalypse began the day you were born and the Rapture will happen whenever you, as an individual, croak.

I dunno, no rapture?
The book of revelations is clear on Some things, like the monetary system used to control people in the future; of which we now seem to have the technical capability to do so.

So as I read it, no man can no the true date of the so-called rapture? Well then, I hearby announce that he rapture shall be tomorrow! And if not I will announce tomorrow that the rapture will be tuesday. I will contnue doing this 'till I die, thereby forstalling the event until my demise.
Wow! I can control biblical events! Woo hoo, feel the power!