Rare (and scary looking) "Manul Cat" kittens born in Germany - worth a look- trust me

Rare Kittens Born In Germany - Manul Cats Have Longest, Thickest Fur Of Species - 10 pics

I wonder how big the parents are and if they could be domesticated?

Yeah I’m lookin at you kitty kat.

The fur doesn’t look all that much longer than my longhaired domestic tabbycat. Is it just because they are young?

Scary? Nah! They are beautiful kittenbabies. I’m envious of the zoo staffers who get to handle and play with the fuzzers.

Those are some puffy furballs! No pictures of the adults?

Dude - they aren’t scary! They’re adorable!

they look a lot like lynxes… got ta get me one… is that the kittens that weigh 8 pounds? cause my li’l mutt-cat Angus (weighing in at around 30 lbs) would eat it whole…

Puffies! Evil looking, pissed off, hissing puffies!

That picture reminds me of a pair of cat-shaped slippers I once had…

Actually your observation is quite astute (see below). I googled up some more info on them.

Here’s an adult female. Those are odd looking cats

The Manul - Felis (Otocolobus) manul Pallas

All I see are MATS! Damn MATS and Groomer bills!

That adult female looks like somebody just told her it’s time to get dipped.

They look adorable but not really friendly. Now I have the irresistable urge to go gitchie on a kitty tummy. Fortunately for me, I have two quite friendly felines living in my house. Sapphire? Achilles? Mama wants you!

Those cats f—ing own.

I like kittens - they taste a bit like chicken…


Just kidding - they’re adorable


They don’t look scary. Of course, looks can be deceiving. Our Piper Grace has the sweetest, wide-eyed scared look you could imagine, and yet earlier she gouged out my left shoulder and upper arm when I was trying to carry her into the laundry room. (She’s afraid to go past the dog, who chases her and the others).

They’re so cute! I want one! Oh, who am I kidding? I want them all!

Somebody go throw a bucket of water on them so we can see how much is fur and how much is kitten. :slight_smile:

I want one. I want one right now. I even think the momy cat is absolutely adorable. I love fuzzy kittens!

Hey! They look like my Sebastian kitty at home when he was first rescued out of a barn. Same wild-eyed, get the heck away from me stare too.

Such cuties.

My goodness! Don’t you think they’re doing enough hissing and snarling as it is?