Rare (and scary looking) "Manul Cat" kittens born in Germany - worth a look- trust me

I felt like a failure as a cat person for not noticing that, I posted the pics in my LJ and someone else pointed that out to me.

As cute and fuzzy as they are, I would not want one for a pet. Wild cats belong in the wild.

I can’t understand people wanting to wear their skins either, “my that’s a lovely coat, what is it? Mink? Ermine?”
“No, it’s cat.”
“Er …”

Here’s some adult pics in the wild

and some more

and one more

Those are some thickly pelted cats! Some believe that most domesticated long haired cat breeds originated from this species

I also get the distinct impression, just by their expressions, that they would not make good domestic pets. Growls and yelps?

That’s no downstream cat!

Those are seriously cute and badass looking at the same time… a cat even a longshoreman could love.

Just looking at those pictures made me sneeze!

Kitties! They are so cute!

Of course, I think all felines are cute. Big, small - housecats to tigers - love em all!


Well, now we know what Bill Kliban was looking at as his model…

The momma cat looks a lot like how I imagined Oy the BillyBumbler from Steven King’s Dark Tower series would look!

Can you imagine the damage one of their hairballs would cause as it came crashing down a mountain slope?


Just to make sure everyone knows, I do not truthfully want one of those as a pet. I know that they are wild. It’s just a ‘Lissla faced with adorable animal squealing reaction’. Everyone got that? Good.

While those kittens are outstandingly cute, those eyes … man, those eyes are just plain creepy. (Shudder)

There’s something just plain weird about their pupils, but the kittens sure are cute nonetheless. I’ve never heard of these guys.

Now I know what Pixel, our youngest cat is! He’s long haired and stripey, has thick fur, growls, and is a poor runner (he runs in place on the vinyl flooring and runs sideways down the stairs when he gets excited).

I’m with you on that. I love cats, but those kitties give me the screaming mimi’s. It is the way the eyes are placed in the face, and the round pupils. Eeek. And the look so angry.

they :smack: