Manul – the Cat that Time Forgot

Knowing how Dopers are about cats, I’m obligated to share this.

Manul – the Cat that Time Forgot

Check out the eyes.

I believe it is Old Deuteronomy!

Beautiful cat. :slight_smile:

Wow, never heard of it before. Very interesting.
I just wish that the commenters hadn’t started going off on evolution. :rolleyes:

Want! It can live in my barn if it doesn’t like domestic life.


Hm, that would be worth getting a wild animal license and seeing if I could get a pair once mrAru retires and we have the larger place… [they need the room because they are more solitary than normal domestic cats] I think they would be fascinating to work with. [my previous experience is with a mostly wolf hybrid]

Squeee! submitting to

I’ve been trying to convince Mr. Lissar to let me have one. I started my campaign about five years ago, when I first saw pictures. Anything that fuzzy wants to be loved and domesticated and snuggled, right?


Afghani wildcats make good pets, right?


Amazing! Thanks for sharing; I had never heard of these before.

Oh dear. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you about the temperament of koalas?

But yes, they do look like Old Deuteronomy, or possibly Loraxes (as someone else said in the Zooborns thread).

Mr. Lissar thinks they look like owlcats.

Clearly koalas also want to be cuddled.
(Yes, yes, I know- grumpiest little buggers alive.)

They look like a cross between a cat and a monkey.

Wow. That cat belongs on my volleyball team. What shoulders!

What? No Pallas Cat kitten pix on that page? Well how about these:

Too bad they can’t be domesticated. I seriously want one.

Scene: a riverbank. Time: umpteen thousand BC.
A prehistoric man is spearing fish in the river. After a while, he gets hungry and starts to gnaw on one of the fish that has been baking on a hot rock in the sun.
A fuzzy yet graceful creature comes up and looks intently at first the fish, then the man.
"Ki teh?" says the man, meaning, “Want some fish?”
The cat nibbles at the fish, then sits down quietly beside the man, purring.
Instinctively, the man reaches out to stroke the cat.
The cat attacks the man’s hand as if to kill it.
"Kaat," snarls the man, meaning, “Little fucker.”
He slings the day’s catch over his shoulder and, licking his wounds, heads home.

I think the sand cat was much cuter. And, they aren’t afraid of humans.

That cat looks too intelligent for my liking.

I want one!

I was thinking that too. They’re beautiful, but they look like they’re about to cause some serious mischief. It’s the eyes, I think. Very human looking.

Really? I’ve always thought they were one of the ugliest members of the cat family (along with flat-headed cats).