Rate this gaming rig: need answer fast.


This is an Amazon Gold Box, so supplies are limited. How much banging are we getting for the buck here?

It’s potentially pretty good, but something is off.

It says i5 and 3.4 GHz, but 7700. An i7-7700 is 3.6 GHz. Presumably it’s really an i5-7500, which is 3.4 GHz. Maybe all the details are wrong. I bring it up because not having the i7-7700 makes it a lot less interesting.

Even if it’s the i5, it’s a decent gaming PC. You’d have no issues running the latest games at 60 fps. You’d want to get a GPU upgrade in 18 months or so once it’s figured out what GPU will run the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro content and if you can swing $100 to buy an SSD for it today, you’ll be a lot happier. It just isn’t much of a deal/. If you don’t want to assemble your own PC, this is a solid alternative.

Looks ok to me. Better balanced than a lot of the gaming systems people sell usually, assuming it really is an I5 processor (which it probably is). Generally I see a lot of gaming systems with the very fastest processors and a $100 graphics card. Were I buying this system I would purchase a 256gb SSD to go with it and move the windows install to that HDD or reinstall fresh, but not sure if you have the expertise to do that.
I wouldn’t necessarily expect to need a graphics card upgrade any time soon if you are playing at 1080p - this has more than enough performance for 1080p at 60FPS.
Probably not a screaming deal, but you probably would spend a similar amount building one yourself for these specs.

My current rig has an SSD in it, so that wouldn’t be a problem.

I wouldn’t get hung up on the i5 vs i7. The CPU is unlikely to be a bottleneck in that rig. If you use the computer for video, CAD, or other CPU intensive tasks, it might make a difference, but for a gaming rig, i5 is fine. The 1060 is a decent card. I have a 1070, so a little more horsepower*, but I can run current generation games in 1080 with 60 FPS.

Given that the GPU and CPU alone would price out between 500 and 600 dollars, the deal seems good. The rig will run current generation games at 1080 60 FPS in most cases.
*not 100% sure this is the right unit of measurement.

Avoid. The GPU is the 3GB GTX 1060, the inferior version. And if they cannot get the basics of the CPU right, what else are they mis-describing?

I’m late to the party and it’s closed. It has a current price of $1,500, which is NOT a good deal for that PC. Was it on discount?

Amazon prices the CPU at ~$200, the GPU at ~$230 (and I would not recommend this 3GB GPU at this performance point. If you’re aiming at mid range then 4-6Gb is a must, if low end I’d recommend a 1050ti instead). That’s $430 so you’d need $1,000+ worth of mobo, RAM, hard drives to make up the difference.

I picked it up. It was $680.

OK, that’s a MUCH better price :slight_smile:

Haha, yeah.

My current machine is a real Frankenstein at this point - almost every component but the motherboard has been replaced multiple times since I got it back in (I believe) 2009. I’ve been muttering about building from scratch for a number of years now, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

This will be a good base to build out from.

I have a 1070 and I would use megapower as the unit of measure.

I’m certain that the correct unit of power in this case would be Team Green Power, or TGP’s.

That is even better and has the geek-factor of being a TLA.