Rats will hunt and eat full size adult pigeons. I did not know that! (video)

Nature in the raw. I would have lost the bet that a rat would take on something the size of an adult pigeon. It puts up a good struggle and tries to escape but the rat is on a mission.

Video here


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I am not clicking on that link. :frowning:

I wish I had been that wise.

Not clicking the link - because I already saw it - ‘Featured’ on Yahoo.

I’ve used their email for 15+ years - but am sick by where you ‘land’ when you logoff the (paid) email.

Just put me back on the minimalist, text-only logon page, 'Kay?

Everyone hates the pigeons. Didn’t yo know that?


Never in my life would I click that fucking link.

I can understand people being squeamish, but in essence that video is no different from, say, a documentary showing a lion chasing, killing and eating a gazelle, no?

There’s a food stall around the corner from my office, during the day it’s surroundd by pigeons, during the night, after it’s closed, the rats roam free; I can see why now.
Although, personally, I’d find it less gross to see the rats munching on a pigeon rather than seeing them licking the grill clean, for certain values of “clean”.

Pigeons are just rats with wings so one taking out the other is OK with me.

“Just as the pigeon is unable to escape the rat, you too can be a pigeon unable to escape rate hikes to your supplemental insurance at Mutual of Omaha.”

In the opening sentence of Josh Bazell’s novel Beat the Reaper, the main character stops to watch a rat fighting with a pigeon. While he’s watching, a guy tries to mug him. It does not end well for the mugger.

This wins the intertubes for today!