Raw Food

I was watching an episode of Amish in the City tonight, and they went to eat at a raw food restaurant. I was wondering how many Dopers have eaten food from a raw food restaurant, and what you thought of it? I am not a vegan, but it seems to be very interesting. If you guys seem to think it’s worth it maybe I’ll make the drive to the nearest one (Atlanta, which is 5 hours away) when my Fiancee gets back from overseas on his mid-tour. I think this would be a great experience for us both.

Also, if anyone happens to know of one closer to the Tallahassee area, please let me know! I did a search, but I only found a message board that listed just a few restaurants.


Raw food restaurant?

::shakes head::

I hate everything in the world…

I’ve never eaten at a raw-food restaurant, but here’s a sample review for one that’s local to me. The review is pretty similar to reviews I’ve seen of other raw-food restaurants: A couple of inspired dishes, a bunch of mediocre ones, and a few dear-god-who-thought-that-would-ever-be-a-good-idea ones. That, and the basic idea beind the raw-food movement being based on bad science.

I’m something of a foodie, but I’ve never been especially tempted to go to a raw-food restaurant.

I loves me some meat. I really do, but I am open to try just about anything.

This website has pictures of some raw food examples. Looks good, right?

I think i’d do much better by having someone just put food in front of me that looks good. I’d eat it as long as I didn’t know what it was. Things such as tofu. I don’t know what it is, but I know it looks funny. If a chef could make it look good and not say it was tofu, I might find that I actually like it.

I haven’t eaten there, but I have a couple friends who LOVE it. I might end up in a roommate situation with them, so I was thinking about looking into it.

It’s a fad, and a silly one.

Oh, it’s cold zucchini and spicy tamarind sauce. Tastes just like pad thai!!!

Hunter Hawk Thank you for that link. It provided a pretty good viewpoint.

I think sometimes certain people become very zealous about their choices. I have seen on TV many people RAVING over raw food, and then I see that some people find it very so-so.

lissener that seems like a pretty decent idea! Are your roomates vegans?

You know what though? I don’t really like Sushi that much, so I don’t know how I’ll do with other raw foods. However, I figure that raw fish is a lot different than well-organized raw vegetables.

No; but they’re incense lighting Burning Man goers, so they overlap with that world a bit.

Doesn’t anyone else make protein shakes with egg whites and skimmed milk around here?

I’ve never heard of them before. Is it just a restaurant that specialises in salads, or what?

Well they don’t specialize in just salads. They claim that they can make anything that you would normally cook, however, they substitute the ingredients. For example, I saw in an article somewhere that they used strips of coconut for noodles. They also don’t heat anything about 118 degrees F.

I don’t supposed they could make fried chicken though, huh? :confused:

A student in a college class I took was a raw foodie. He was also a total nutcase. He planned to set aside two weeks to bicycle across the United States, from Washington to Washington, in his reclining bicycle. He had an enormous beard and a gigantic toothy smile. Our class had weekly potlucks (hippy school), and he’d bring dishes like hummus made from raw garbanzo beans.

A pre-college housemate of mine was also really into the idea, but not so much into the practice. I remember him showing me a cookbook that extolled the virtue of raw foods by describing an experiment: the group of pigs that was fed cooked potatoes grew fat, whereas the group of pigs fed on raw potatoes maintained their thinness. I pointed out to him that raw potatoes were indigestible to humans, and that they might also be indigestible to pigs, but he didn’t much care :).

I’m not real impressed by the whole concept.


Sounds terrible to me.

I know a girl who’s a total ditzy vegetarian/vegan/diet of the moment that will get her the most attention kinda gal. She was going on the raw food diet a while back. Heh, I wonder how that’s going. :rolleyes:

My interest in the whole Raw Food thing is not necessarily for a new way to eat for life. I just would like to try it to see what some of the fuss is about. I’m from a very little city, and the most different kind of cuisine that we had was a Japanese restaurant that had the Hibachi grills. I’m still trying to get up the money to try a fondue restaurant. :cool: