Razzie nominations are out

Here’s the list. Zoolander 2 leads with nine nominations, while Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice has eight.

Good to see Gerard Butler get some much-deserved derision.

How many Razzie noms has Tyler Perry gotten?

Man, what a horribly run site. That’s a dead link now. When I go to the home page and click on the first link it’s a video.:confused: Find another list link and it goes to the dead link.

And the home page: Classic 1997 ugly web design by a 4th grader!

Are there Razzies for web sites?

Here’s the Wikipedia page with the list.

The list says that Zoolander 2 has nine nominations, but I only count eight:
Worst Picture
Worst Actor (Ben Stiller)
Worst Supporting Actor (Will Ferrell)
Worst Supporting Actor (Owen Wilson)
Worst Supporting Actress (Kristen Wiig)
Worst Screen Combo (Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson)
Worst Director (Ben Stiller)
Worst Prequel / Remake / Rip-Off / Sequel

Worst Screen Combo is not counted as two; otherwise Batman vs. Superman - Dawn of Justice would have nine as well.

This year? Two - one for acting, and one for directing.