Re: Announcement SDMB

OK, who was registered December 1969? Or should that be “Dr Who”???

I just came to ATMB to point that out. Except that my announcement “registered” at Jan 1970. That must be ground zero for the software. Cool.


In the forum display, the thread starter (which seems to mean the last poster for announcements) is listed as “()”, but there’s no name displayed next to the post. What gives?

Are you in England? … let’s read the profile … yep.

A common internal format for storing dates as integers is a format popularized by UNIX, which represents the date as a count of seconds since midnight, Jan 1, GMT. Software hiccups involving dates stored in this format tend to result in 0 being displayed as Jan 1, 1970, which may get translated into December if adjusted for a timezone in the Americas.

BTW, this creates a “year 2038” problem when that counter rolls over a 32 bit signed integer.

Course, by then we’ll probably have perfected the 64-bit architecture. IIRC, that won’t pose a date problem until after the sun goes cold (and who knows what we’ll be using by then).

And to keep this on topic, I saw the last poster displayed as “tech ()” in the GD announcement.

mmmm… 32 bit signed integer…


Anyway, I see from your explanation that once again Britain has managed to keep its one last piece of world dominance - that of GMT being zero hour!

Though it seems that this is now being threatened by Chicago Reader Time (CRT)

(on preview I see that ultrafilter has picked up on the thing that brought me back to ATMB - the further organic growth of the name in the announcement box. What will be next? “Technician”? I live in fear of it being techchick68)


Wait, if its 1970… where the hell are my bell bottoms??

Wait, if it’s 1970… how in the hell am I here?? I am not even a twinkle in my daddy’s eye…

And who is this jdavis chap? Hmmm?

Otherwise known as Jerry the Tech God.

We probably owe him, collectively, about a zillion beers and a few first-born children, so show some respect.

your humble TubaDiva