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Ok, this is a tough one to follow. As a diehard hardcore wrestling fan for about 20 years now (since I was 4-5 years old), and also speaking as a current pro wrestler myself, I tend to answer this question from a different point of view than a normal spectator. The simple reasoning for that is because when I was only a fan/spectator, I was watching to see my favorite good-guy wrestlers beat up my favorite bad-guy wrestlers and win belts. But now, I’m not doing that. What I do now is I watch great babyface workers run a program with great heel workers, as the promoters put titles on them.

 What makes a wrestler great is not how perfect he performs his moves, or how mean he sounds when cutting a promo. What makes a worker great is how his opponent looks during any match. The job of a professional worker is to make his opponent look as absolutely excellent as possible. The only person I can think of who has done that in every match I've ever seen of his in the past 20 years is of course, Ric Flair. Granted, right now, I would say the best wrestler of this "new generation" of guys would be a tie between Chris Benoit, and Rob Van Dam. But of all time, I would have to sya Flair.

 Some of the names that others brought up are definitely greats, but Flair always had "it". To the person who said The Rock, I can only say that the topic is "greatest wrestler of all time", not "who is your favorite wrestler right now". The Rock barely does more than 3-5 wrestling moves per match now. Basically all he does is a DDT, belly-to-belly suplex, Samoan Drop, an elbow drop, and a spinebuster. He punches too, but I wouldn't classify a punch as a "wrestling move". And his "People's Elbow" is horrible. It is simply an elbow drop, from the mat, not even from the top rope or from anywhere unique. No, just a simple elbow drop, from standing right on the canvas.

 I, too, expected a debate on Stone Cold vs The Rock, neither of which are candidates for a "Best Wrestler of All Time" Award. But in reality, Flair could work the Gobbeldy Gooker and make him look like a million bucks.

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Imre Polyak

The topic is professional wrestling as we know it today, Imre Polyak was a greco-roman wrestler back in the day, a featherweight to be exact. He does not pertain to the discussion, thank you.


I think this is the thread he’s looking for –
best pro wrestler ever? The envelope please…

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And I’d still put up Imre (or Immy as his friends knew him) against Superfly Snuka any day of the week.

Mick Foley- While not the most technical wrestler he had that ability to make any match seem great. He has worked well with any number of opponents. (Taker, HHH, Austin, Rock, Funk) I think that it is a shame that alot of his work was never seen on television. He worked in a business that he didn’t seem to fit into, and along the way gave us some of the most insane things that will ever be seen.

What about Ivan Putski, the Polish Hammer?
El Santo?
Mil Mascaras?
Haystacks Calhoun?

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