Who's Your Favorite Professional Wrestler?

Since I’m watching Smackdown I was inspired to start this thread.

My favorites?

Jeff Hardy-( I know,big surprise there:)) I love the amazing moves he pulls off-like a Swanton from a 25 foot ladder onto two opponents who are lying on a double stacked table. The Whisper in the Wind-a backwards corkscrew somersault from the ring post onto his opponent. Plus he’a a stone hottie-Meow Kitty Kitty.

Rob Van Dam-Another wrestler with amazing moves-the Van Damninator-a dropkick from one ring post to the other. Wow.
Mick Foley-Gotta love Mick. Great mic work,best bumptaker in the business ever,IMO and a great author.

Spike Dudley-Another great bumptaker plus it’s fun to watch a guy his size take on the big boys.
I know there’s some wrestling fans out there in SDMBland…so who’s YOUR favorite?

Kane. The Big Red Machine.
I’m a big fan of size and power, speed dosn’t mean a lot to me. I like a wrestler who can take a direct hit from a mack truck and keep on going. Kane’s got that, baby. He’s huge, and getting bigger. And it dosn’t hurt that he has the same signature colours as me; Red and black.

Although, I realise that he’s become a bit lamer since they got him talking. Oh well. He’s still a big Machine.

Go Kane!

My 500th post was in reference to Kane

Cool. :smiley:

I don’t watch on a regular basis anymore, but…

Matt Hardy. He’s hot, and he and his brother do awesome aerial stunts, like hardygrrl said.

Chris Jericho. He reminds me of someone I know, with the funniness and the big-talking and the arrogance and the ass-kicking and the HEY LADEEEEEE… whoa, I’m sorry. That was unexpected.

I almost went to the Pay-Per-View a couple months ago that was filmed up in Albany, but I couldn’t get tickets… my friends and I had signs made up and everything… one of 'em had a “Chris Ben-Wa” sign…

I think the last pro wrestling match I watched featured Superfly Snuka, so it’s been awhile. Truthfully though, the only pro wrestler I ever really liked was Andy Kaufman.

First off, gotta go with Mick. I love 'im. I would let Mick Foley do me up the ass with a flaming, barded-wire-wrapped 2X4 if he wanted to. ::ahem:: Foley is God.

Beyond that, I love Jericho. I’ve been thinking that they need to push him heavily, and soon. Hell, I nearly had an orgasm that day he beat Triple H.

I also think Crash Holly is funny. “Elroy Jetson” he is… he’d also be a good Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Finally, I also think Kane is the bee’s knees. I also think he’d be a good Predator (if they made any more movies), or a good wookiee in the Star Wars prequels.

I’m not a wresting fan, more like an innocent bystander. But Kevin Nash – KEVIN NASH! – now there’s a reason to watch!

Triple H- He has an amazing amount of intensity in and out of the ring, and he reminds me more and more of Ric Flair every time I see him. Like Flair, he doesn’t exactly have a huge moveset, but he knows how and when to use those moves to get the best out of his opponent. Plus, when his opponent sells it right, the Pedigree looks BRUTAL.

But I hear he’s going to be out for 4-6 months because of that torn quadricep. Crap.

Actually, that’s the Van Terminator. The Van Daminator is when he throws a chair in his opponent’s face, the opponent grabs it, and RVD nails him with a spin kick and knocks the chair right into his face. As much as I like RVD, I hate that move…I mean, why doesn’t the other guy just throw the chair back at him?

Oh, and have you heard Rob is close to signing with WCW? That should be interesting.

Definitely Chris Jericho.

He was my favorite WAY back in WCW, ever since he came out…and I was a big WCW fan (I became a WWF fan when he moved there. Go figure!).

My bad MA :slight_smile:

I do get those two confused.
RVD signed with WWF today:)
And my biggest ‘mark’ moment…
Spike Dudley’s debut with the WWF. Never heard a word about it online and when he did the runin I screamed-literally-OMG IT"S SPIKE!!!

Forgot to mention Lance Storm and Mike Awesome-hope they find a gimmick for Mike besides the wrestlecrap WCW did.

The crowd watches in amazement as hardygrrl grabs Armageddon, pulls him into position, and pulls the DEVASTATING triple post power drop


Angle. . .is the best heel because he’s so funny and a great backstabber. Triple H is, maybe, the best character heel but not my favorite. The best face is (the Rock, but he is a staaaaa now, so. . .)probably one of the Hardy’s now, but I choose Crash Holly, even though he gets his ass kicked a lot, he is still way entertaining. If a woman wrestler is am option, then I pick Lita. Good topic.

That was awesome, hardygrrl. You’ve got some serious moves.

My favorite wrestler, for the longest time, was Bret Hart. Now he’s gone from the Big Three, but I imagine he’s involved with Stampede up in Canada.

I also appreciate the Hardy Boys. And Kurt Angle. But my favorite wrestler, of all time, is Lou Thesz.

[sub]::Albert looks around, seeing if anyone heard that.::[/sub]

::After landing the unintentional triple post power drop, hops on the ring post and gives the crowd the DX salute::

Socko. But Foley is pretty cool too.

Slight hijack - people’s thoughts on Titan sports now owning or controlling all the major feds?

Oh yeah, and for pure perv value, it’s hard to go past Shawn Michaels.

Foley is incredible. I admire him more for his work as an ambassador from the WWF to the mainstream media than for anything else. He’s done more for the company and for the art of professional wrestling in general than anybody (especially Hollywood “I don’t job to ANYBODY” Hogan).

Triple H is the greatest heel I’ve ever seen (of course, I’ve only been watching a little over two years). His intensity is unmatchable.

Jericho should be pushed, and pushed hard, especially now that both Triple H and the Rock are out of the picture for a while. He could be to the WWF while the Rock is out what the Rock was while Austin was out: someone new to cheer for.

I didn’t like Benoit much until the past two weeks, but I think he’s really stepped up recently. He’s technically brilliant, no question, but his mic skills and charisma need a lot of work.

I used to like Kane until he started talking and ruined his character.

And finally, I, like most wrestling fans, have a guilty pleasure. His name is X-Pac. Say what you will about his crappy music, his crappy stable, his crappy hair, his homoerotic finisher, and his chihuahua-on-speed wrestling style, but there’s just something about him…

::waits for the flames to spew::

Koko B. Ware…how couldn’t anyone not love that name? Even though he was a low midcarder/jobber first class and a bit undersized…c’mon y’all know the Birdman rules!!!

My favorite wrestler is the Gobbeldy Gooker.

And I always saw SPOOFE as more of a Dr Isaac Yankum type…


Of course, I liked all the stars of the day…Snuka, Ultimate Warrior, Paul Orndorf among others, but my all time favorite wrestler was as a result of Macho Man hitting him in the head with the ring side bell, choking him on the ropes, and giving him a flying elbow from the top turn buckle while he clung to the fencing with his neck. I am of course speaking of…Ricky the Dragon Steamboat!. What a match that was…all of Hogan’s 10-head-shots-and-the-big-leg-drop will never match that action. I really don’t watch that crap-ola now days.