Re-imagine a movie, series or book here.

We’ve all done it- rewriting or recasting a movie, TV series or novel in our heads. Care to share yours here?

My contribution: I keep imaging an alternate version of 2001: A Space Odessy in which the David Bowman character is replaced by a woman. In this version, Frank and Dana Poole are a husband-and-wife astronaut team chosen to pilot the Discovery to Jupiter. (we get a gratuitous zero-gravity sex scene to establish how they spend all those months alone together). After Dana goes to rescue Frank and discovers he was already dead, we see zero-gravity tears beading up in her eyes.

I’d also rewrite the ending slightly to better match the novelization. I’d add a few last lines of dialog, where Dana addresses the empty room: “Hello? Who are you? Where are you? What do you want? What is all this for?” In other words, basicly the existential questions we all address to God. Then finally we see the Star Child (a newborn, NOT a fetus) reaching a hand out to the sphere of the Earth like a child reaching for a ball.

Star Trek: Voyager but, y’know… good. Lindsay Wagner as the Captain, with a permanently borderline-rebellious former-Maquis crew. Episodes that deal with increasing moral ambiguities don’t focus on interacting with the alien-race-of-the-week, but with the gradually deepening ruthlessness Wagner/Janeway must employ to keep her cobbled-together, increasingly desperate crew in line.

Basically, USS Voyager would’ve followed the same path as the USS Equinox from the fifth-season cliffhanger, showing another Starfleet crew in the same predicament, making many ethically questionable decisions.

Plus Neelix would be a warrior instead of a buffoon, the would be no Q interventions and absolutely no children would board the ship, under penalty of death.

That could one of the first hard decisions Janeway makes. Samantha Wildman finds out she’s pregnant and Janeway orders the pregnancy terminated, against Wildman’s bitter objections. Afterwards Wildman is in the top five of the “most likely to rebel against/ assassinate Janeway” list.

I’d love to re-do “The Front Page,” but – get this – I’d make Hildy Johnson a woman, and she and Walter had just gotten a divorce so, you see, it adds this whole romantic subplot to the action, and…
Sorry, snarky mood. :wink:

A forced abortion against the wishes of the pregnant woman on a dramatic American TV series would have had the religious right-to-lifers in an uproar, bandwagoning to end this show in its first season.

If ST: Voyager had the creative vision to continue on that kind of bitterly realistic storytelling trajectory, that kind of outside censorship would have been a bad thing. Paramount would have caved, other shows avoid dealing with the a-word.

Very compelling premise, btw, Bryan Ekers and Lumpy.

Heck, you should hear my imagined preferred ending for the “augment” episodes of Enterprise.

Eep. Did I start a new thread out of turn? I did one devoted to re-imagining the Star Wars Prequels specifically, but didn’t see this one was already up and running. :smack:

If my thread is somehow inappropriate, mods please merge, delete or edit as necessary.

I move that the Star Wars thread stay seperate as they are cult films with hardcore fans who would love nothing more than to talk about them un-interrupted by ideas for other movies. More importantly, far more people are dissatisfied with the Star Wars prequels than with any movies I could possibly imagine being discussed in this thread.

Star Wars, I think, is harder to re-imagine because that would tend to wander too far from the 1930s action-serial-swashbuckling space opera series that inspired it. I’d say Eps 4-6 are just fine (original Greedo pre-edit version), even with (barely tolerable) Ewoks. Eps 1-3 would be most improved by better dialogue and acting, with a few tweaks to make them better match 4-6, including dumping the whole slave angle and have Qui-Gon and Kenobi meet Anakin as a young adult who is an already accomplished pilot (Kenobi’s eventual statement to Luke that Anakin was “the finest star-pilot in the galaxy” can then be viewed as exaggeration rather than complete innaccuracy) who is headstrong, has an edge explainable by a natural “Force” affinity and the midichlorians can stay the hell out.

They could even throw in the pod race, but have there be a moment when Anakin “nudges” an opponent out of his way (and into a crash) using a Force gesture on instinct, without realizing its significance. Alternately, we could see him at a bowling alley, where his post-release gestures and leaning actually (unlike the rest of us) guide the ball.

“A little to the left, a liiiiittle more…YES!” (Much jumping) “A perfect game!”
For some reason now I’ve this vision of Anakin as a pool shark.