Re-Invention Of Rod Stewart: Example Of A Good Career Move

I was never a big fan of Rod Stewart - he was OK, but I don’t think I ever bought any of his albums back in his early heyday.

However, instead of fading into the night and appearing at the local malls singing “Do You Think I’m Sexy” until he is 94 years old, Rod seems to have grabbed hold of a new market.

My 81 year old aunt was just visiting and asked me to go buy his newest CD, “Stardust” for her. Suprisingly, it was sold out at three places I went to and I finally found it for her at Sam’s Club.

The CD isn’t all that bad, and the old standards he sings are decent. His voice actually fits well with some of those songs, and the arrangements are pretty good.

Gotta give Rod credit - unlike a lot of the older rockers, he seems to have re-invented himself and found a new niche. Clever man.

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Well, he quit rockin’ in 1978. “Blondes Have More Fun” made him a shitload of cash, which proved to him that he didn’t have to work anymore to achieve industry cred. From “Every Picture Tells A Story” and “Hot Legs” to crooning the standards is a helluva switch. Somehow the idea of him singing now about “my body stunk but I kept my funk!” is sad and pathetic. The guy ain’t had no funk in so long, I’ll bet he can’t remember what it is.

I think he’s trying for some respect and admiration. He’s been complaining lately about the laurels heaped on the likes of Elton John and Sting while he’s been pretty much ignored. I’ve felt that this is probably due to his preferring to live the high life and rest on his laurels, rather than continuing to create and perform and work tirelessly at his craft, as Elton and Sting both continue to do.

I’ve seen him on Oprah’s show doing some of these standards and he’s quite good at it and the audience of young to middle-age women clearly loved him. I think it’s a good move on his part also and I hope it brings him some of the satisfaction he seems to be missing.

Meh. Listen to his work with the Faces, who both rocked and rolled, frequently at the same time - fantastic stuff. His solo career has netted him a lot more money, sure, but to increasingly diminishing returns: and songs like D’Ya Think I’m Sexy? are only suitable for “ironic” covers by the likes of 1000 Homo DJ’s.

It was Revolting Cocks that covered it. :smiley:

20-odd years ago, after hearing some fluff Rod put out that didn’t even chart, I had an idea what he might do in his retirement. It’d be cool if he did like Canadian ex-hockey player Tim Horton, and started a chain of shops:

Every Picture Tells A Story Donut.