Do you like Rod Stewart?

As in, do you like his songs/music?
I can’t stand the guy. At all.

I hope I’m not the only one.

To be clear: “I LOVE Rod Stewart” means you pick the first option. That one ranges from “I sorta like him” all the way to “biggest fan ever”.

Yeah, I like Rod Stewart. You’re In My Heart, You Wear It Well, Maggie May, Reason to Believe…the guy could belt out a tune.

Do Ya Think I’m Sexy, Hot Legs…not so much.

His early solo albums, and his work with the Jeff Beck Group and the Faces - great stuff. Anything since the mid 70s - not so much. His autobiography is a good read, though.

Sure, I do. I’ve liked him since he recorded Maggie May. He’s had some dogs, but lots of great standout songs, too, like Infatuation, You Wear It Well, and Young Turks.

Never had much time for him (that sounds like he’s dead - he isn’t).

Ugh, no. I was so dismayed when he did a cover of a Tom Waits song along with video.

I find his voice unattractive, and dislike his music even when he’s singing songs I otherwise like.

I don’t, never have, don’t care. Somebody cared enough to get him an honour, but that might just be for surviving (that seems to be the criterion these days - I must say he looks to be in good nick for 71):

I agree. My problem with the poll is that it didn’t take into account the fact that the stuff he did up until 1976 was quite good and then he fell down the dumper (which is why I picked the second choice). I realize there’s no logical reason to support this but I blame Britt Ekland.

He was top-drawer with the Faces, and his first few solo albums were terrific: apart from anything else, the guy can sing, he’s a fine interpreter of other people’s songs, and he can both pen a deft tune and craft a good lyric. Unfortunately, in the latter half of the 70s he turned into a sort of cartoon character and has never really recovered from that. Still, he’s had fun and you can’t really begrudge him banging out Christmas albums for grannies now.

If you really like him, you could always buy his house as it’s on the market.

I’m not a great fan of his music, but he is a neighbour after all and one of his kids was in the same class as one of mine for a while. So I have to kind of like him. We say hello if we bump into each other at the supermarket, but I’ve never invited him to a bbq or anything. My wife doesn’t like me talking to his wife.

My point of view exactly. His book’s easy storytelling and charm leaves you with a good feeling for this guy who always has seen himself as a journeyman bard much more than an artiste. Cashing in on disco and coming out with standards albums was good for Rod at the time. I love his stuff with Beck, the Faces and some early solo stuff.

I loved his earlier stuff. I loved Kim Carnes as well.

He has one of the best voices in rock and his work with Jeff Beck is truly great. Once he was on his own, however, he showed an abysmal ability to pick good songs. Then he tried the Great American Songbook, for which his voice was completely unsuited. I switch to someone else when he comes on the radio.

His early music is outstanding. I consider Stay with Me among the very best rockers ever.

His more recent standards covers I can live without.

I don’t think he has a great singing voice, but I enjoy some of his performances. Not my all time favorite, but I like him more than I dislike him.

Never much cared one way or another about him. I actually did buy his MTV Unplugged CD when it came out. But probably listened to a few songs a couple times and forgot about it. I think I had to pick something from Columbia House and this is what I went with in a pinch.

I can tolerate Maggie May, and that’s about it. I probably wouldn’t turn a few other songs of his off if they came on the radio, but…meh. However, this recording of his with Dolly Parton could be the worst rendition of Baby It’s Cold Outside ever done. Their voices together are like a metal fork on a chalkboard to me.

I can’t stand the sound of his voice. Some of his songs are okay music-wise but his voice just hurts my teeth.

With very few exceptions I find his music to be quite awful, but boy can that man dance! :smiley:

I have grown to respect him over the years.

My first exposure was “Tonight’s the Night” and “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” but he’s much more than that.

His work with The Faces and other solo stuff stands the test of time.

“You Wear It Well” is a fantastic song.

ETA: “Madam Onassis got nothin’ on you.”