Songs you don't mind by recording artists/bands that you do

For less-known numbers maybe throw in a video.

Chicago - “25 or 6 to 4”, “Wishing You Were Here”, “You’re the Inspiration”
(ok I might be kidding on that last one)

Sonic Youth - “White Cross”

Fleetwood Mac - “You Can Go Your Own Way”

Cars - “Don’t You Stop”

Red Hot Chili Peppers - “Backwoods”

Monkees - “Valleri” (the harmonizing in the chorus - which comes before the first verse - made this 5-year-old bounce off the walls back in the day). If you can just see past Davy Jones…

Reo Speedwagon - “Don’t Let Him Go”

Dire Straits - “Skate Away”

Soundgarden - “Hand of God”

Pretenders - “Mystery Achievement”
“My City Was Gone” (one of the great basslines from the 80’s)
Hopefully not too many hurled ashtrays going on here.

I Like Nickelback’s This is How You remind Me

Barry Mani!ow’s “Copacabana.”

Most of the Steve Miller Band’s first five albums (up through Fifth; before “The Joker”)

“What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” by REM

I’m not sure of the point of the thread. To throw a little shade at a band by handing them a back-handed compliment? Or to offer a bit of explanation as to what you DO like about this song that feels different from what you normally do NOT like?

I’ll play, just trying to find a discussion, not a list thread.

My offering: The Doors - a few songs like Break On Through, Light My Fire, much of the Strange Days album, etc. But I really hate The Doors and Jim Morrison, who was a troubled jerk and awful person who represented everything self-indulgent and douchebaggy about frontman behavior in the late 60’s. He’s the Altamont of frontmen.

Their good work is just that - good songs, well delivered, good sounding. Much of their work is bloated attempts to get this narcissistic Lizard King in front of a mic to get something laid down before everything imploded.

That. (if you feel the need to elaborate - go nuts!)

Niel Diamond - Cherry Cherry (always liked that groovy piano break)

I don’t like rap much, so the rest of his album is a loss for me, but I love Everlast’s What It’s Like.

U2. They only know one guitar chord and most of their music is all kinda same-y.

“Pride (In the Name of Love)”, however, is a jam.

I don’t like most of Cyndi Lauper’s work, but I like “All Through the Night.”

The Monkees were and are great.

Fleetwood Mac? They had more lives than a cat, 3 members had nervous breakdowns even before Buckingham nicks joined, great groundbreaking music in electric blues, hard rock, pop and folk rock and psych. Peter Green wrote Black magic Woman.

The first one that always comes to mind in these sorts of threads is Bryan Adams and “Summer of '69.” And possibly the Doors with “Peace Frog.” Not a fan of ELP, but I do enjoy “Karn Evil #9, Impression 1, #2” or whatever the exact name is. The “welcome back my friends to the show that never ends” song.

I generally don’t like Rod Stewart; his work with Jeff Beck was phenomenal, but his solo stuff ranged from mediocre to awful.

However, he nails it with “In a Broken Dream” as guest vocalist for the Australian group Python Lee Jackson.

Not a fan of Bon Jovi, but I like Wanted Dead or Alive; plus, it’s fun to play.

Alice Cooper School’s Out
Kenny Loggins Dannys Song

they had other hits but t just didn’t like most of their stuff.

Me neither, but I totally dig “Ain’t Superstitious”, “You Wear It Well”, (which is admittedly similar, instrumentally, to “Maggie Mae”), and most of all - the title track from “Every Picture Tells a Story”, which I think is a super great tune, especially the singing break with him and his back-up vocalists. (“I sincerely thought I was sooo, com-plee-heeeet…look how wrong you can be-heee…”)
And that Jeff Beck hook in “Infatuation”, which might not exactly be a Rod thing.

Peter Green wrote and played The Super-Natural: one of the greatest guitar instrumentals of all time and the piece Carlos Santana owes his entire career to :wink:

So - you are saying that you don’t like FMac as they are thought of today, but like Green’s stuff? I love First-gen Fleetwood Mac, but also love Buckingham’s FMac, too, but in a very different way.

Since you’re asking: My favorite Mac was Mid-period, when they had Christine McVie, Danny Kirwan, and/or Bob Welch as writers and singers, Future Games and Bare Trees being the best. I’m still feeling my way into Peter Green era and enjoying that. The later stuff: I have enjoyed my share, but it’s hard to have enthusiasm for a song you’ve heard a thousand times.

BTW fact: Green said that Albatross was all about Danny Kirwans guitar style and wouldn’t have happened without him. It was his first session with the Mac, and a british #1.

I am generally not a fan of The Grateful Dead, but “Touch of Grey”, their only top-ten hit, is a groovy song and I always turn it up when it comes on the radio.

I loathe Dave Matthews Band, but “Satellite” is a nice song.

I don’t care for Fleetwood Mac. Not that I hate them enough that if one of their songs was playing on the car radio I’d automatically reach over and change the station, but I’d never intentionally listen to one of their songs.

Except “Never Going Back Again”. I have that on my phone and listen to it on purpose all the time. It’s different from most of their songs in that it’s just Lindsey Buckingham playing guitar and singing. And the track could easily lose the vocals and just be the guitar and I’d probably like it better.

Was she still going by her maiden name, Christine Perfect? Great name.

I need to dig into the Welch period. Don’t know it nearly as well as the others. As for Albatross, sounds about right. What a bunch of not-good stories, but when the music was good - wow.

I would recommend The Biggest Thing Since Colossus by Otis Spann. Chicago blues pianist with the greats, he did this album with Green’s Mac as his backing band. Great stuff.