Songs you don't mind by recording artists/bands that you do

I’ve never particularly cared for Rod Stewart as a pop artist. But there is a song floating around on various compilation albums that he sang with Aynsley Dunbar’s band, The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation, called “Stone Crazy” that absolutely blew me away. I realized that if Rod had remained a blues artist, rather than going the pop route, he’d have been amazing. There is such soul and passion in his rendering of this song that it’s tough to believe it’s the same guy who would later release “Do You Think I’m Sexy” and other such dreck.

Since Peter Green seems to be running through a lot of this thread, it is interesting to note that Peter guested on this recording as well.

Sorry for continuing the hijack - hey, I hadn’t heard that! Cool. And the YouTube page lists Jack Bruce of Cream on bass. If you like this for Rod’s vocals, I assume you have Jeff Beck Group’s Truth which is great blues and blues/rock - Rod’s first recording. One of my top 5 albums.

U2 was my first thought. Historically I’ve more-or-less hated them but liked “Sunday Bloody Sunday” as a good minor key anthem. In the past year or so, though, I’ve realized they’re a more interesting band and less horrible personalities than I’ve always thought. Still not my cup of tea, but they have quite a bit of my respect, Bono and all.

Rod Stewarts stock went way down after the first 4 albums but he was one of the biggest, and best at the time. Every Picture, Mandolin Wind, gasoline Alley, Lost Paraguayos, Cindy Incidentally (with Faces) etc. were all that and more.

I don’t tend to dismiss people overall, but if we’re talking about one song making the others look sick:

Sonny and Cher: Baby Don’t Go
New Order: Regret
Sonic Youth: Teenage Riot
Bob Seger: Ramblin Gamblin Man

I have just about zero interest in The Grateful Dead and everything that goes along with them but “Ripple” and “Friend of the Devil” are good songs.

Most of the American Idiot album by Green Day. I remember when Green Day first came out in the 90’s and they epitomized everything I hated about the music of that time. Them and Smashing Pumpkins. Anyway, all through high school and college, Green Day was the band that I loved to hate. I also hate every bit of the politics on the American Idiot album.

But… I just can’t dislike the music on that album. I’ve tried. I still like it.

Hopefully my final Rod Stewart post.
“I’m Losing You” (with Faces) - another fine number.

Tom Petty has never done much for me, but “Running Down a Dream” is awesome.

Ditto John Mellencamp and “Jack and Diane.”

NickelBack is rightly considered a shit band, but I do like Rock Star.

I seem to recall reading a “best songs of the year XXXX” article where the author basically apologized for including that song.

Avec moi, c’est le “Breakdown” par Monsieur Petty, et “Le Wall” par Jacques Mellencamp.

Did “Green Manalishi” get mentioned in the Fleetwood Mac posts? I can dig that one.

Can anyone really have listened to “Listen to her heart” “Shadow of a Doubt” “American Girl” or I Need to Know" and then the only Tom Petty song that they like is Breakdown or Runnin down a dream? How is this possible?

I’ll add “I Need to Know” on to my Tom Petty list. “Listen to Her Heart” doesn’t do it for me. The others - I can’t say I dislike.

Billy Joel - “Movin Out”, “The Longest Time”

Yeah, I just can’t do “The Longest Time.” That may be the Billy Joel song that most quickly gets me to change the station. The one I personally like is “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.” But there is little chance that I will hear that on the radio. I also have a soft spot for “Only the Good Die Young.”

I thought of another one, though it’s a little embarrassing to admit. Back in '88, when I was in high school, one night at work a song came on the radio I’d never heard before, and I instantly liked it. I asked a co-worker if he had any idea who it was.

Him: “I think it’s Poison.”

Me, astounded: “No no no, that can’t be right. This is awesome. Poison fuckin’ sucks.”

Him: “I’m pretty sure. I saw 'em last week when they opened for David Lee Roth. I think they played this.”

It turns out he was correct. The song was “Nothin’ But a Good Time.” I still have a soft spot for it.

puly, you misspelled “It’s Still Rock n’ Roll to Me,” which almost ties with “We Built This City on Rock n’ Roll” as the most non-rock song claiming to be rock n’ roll ever. :wink:

Only the Good Die Young is a wonderful song - definitely a favorite by him.

drad dog - agree about Petty. For me, songs like “She’s a Woman in Love” are so wonderful. Little 3-minute gems that capture a nice, complex emotion or relationship. Hard to do.

Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble

I cannot stomach Neil Diamond. Except for Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show. If that song doesn’t make you want to get up, sing and dance, I don’t want to know you.

Love me some Taylor Swift. She speaks to my inner 14-year-old-girl. :o

Back on topic, Katy Perry. I own her album Teenage Dream for one song: E.T. I can’t explain it; just love that song. Katy is/markets herself as sickeningly frivolous, but dang, I gotta give her credit for E.T. at least. :smiley:

I pretty much hate Rush, but I love Subdivisions.

Welcome to the Jungle is the only Guns N’ Roses song I can stand. I will change the channel on any other song by them.