Songs you like by bands you otherwise hate

This morning I heard “Hero” by Nickelback on the radio. I can’t stand the rest of their stuff, but you know what? This song really kicks ass. It has a good melody, great vocals and lacks that certain douchebag sound that most of the rest of their music has.

So what songs do you like by bands you can’t otherwise stomach.

Mine is also a Nickelback song- Too Bad.

Odd. Mine’s ‘Rockstar’ by Nickelback, while ‘Hero’ just annoys me.

Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony perform generally soulless, by-the-book renditions of classical music. By soulless I don’t mean lacking feeling, but carefully studied amounts of fake feeling in the 20%-more-rasta, pop divas shouting out as many note changes into a word as possible way.

And so I didn’t think I would like their version of Beethoven’s Third Symphony. But it makes sense considering the DJ mentioned that the Third was heavily influential on the classical music from then on.

Because MTT and the SFO always seem to be emulating generic classical music, it makes sense that they would do a good job of the Eroica since it apparently set the pattern for generic classical music. And they did do a good job of it. They didn’t even change their playing style: their style was made for the piece.

I really like both “How You Remind Me” and “Leader of Men” from, er, you know who. “How You Remind Me” is a great song and I don’t care if it is by Nickelback.

I, for one, simply can’t stand country music or any of its subgenres.

In spite of this, I own all of Taylor Swift’s albums and have shelled out close to $100 for a concert ticket.

I generally dislike Coldplay for their IMO undeserved hype and acclaim for just putting a backbeat to Yanni music. But Don’t Panic is a damn good song.

I can be a huge sucker for rock ballads - if a crappy band is ever going to win me over, it’ll be with a ballad. Two right off the top of my head: “My Immortal” by pseudo-goth band Evanescence and “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol, an otherwise unremarkable rock band.

That reminds me of one thing for this thread: I don’t like country music, but I like a lot of Shania Twain’s songs.

I don’t like Barry Manilow at all – too schlocky – but I do love “Copacabana.” His singing makes the entire song just so goofy it’s irresistible.

I loathe Bruce Springsteen, but for some reason really like his “Atlantic City”.

“Sister Golden Hair” by America.
“I’m Burning for You” by Blue Oyster Cult. I like “Don’t Fear the Reaper” too, although all it’s got going for it is the riff.
“Feeling Stronger Every Day” by Chicago.

Say Anything’s wordy self absorbed music is everything wrong about emo. So what happened when they wrote a love song set during the Warsaw Uprising? They produced this jem. Funny, sexy, and still tasteful.
Captain and Tenille’s also epitimized the worst of their decade. They had a hit song about mating rodents, for God’s sake! But this song is still one of the most brilliant pop songs ever.

You do realize that first album is partly tongue-in-cheek, right? The alternative to that theory is to think they were seriously writing a theme album about a kid musician with lyrical Tourette’s.

But yeah, generally, the more ska-ish the punk the less I like it, but I still like that song despite it having a ska-punk beat.

My Swedish SIL despises ABBA, except for Fernando.

I am no fan of the whole rap genre, but you’ll get my recording of Yannick’s Ces Soirees La when you pry it fro my dead cold hands.

Normally find Lily Allen a bit arch and not half as witty as she thinks she is.

But It’s not Fair is hilarious.

“And then you make this noise and it’s apparent it’s all over”


Even though it sounds exactly like Nickelback, technically that song is a “Chad Kreoger” solo single - so you can still claim to not like any Nickelback songs.

Michael Jackson:

Don’t Stop 'Til You Get Enough

You Got To Be Starting Somethin’

Holy Shit! Maybe I need to listen to more Nickelback. I opened this thread just to mention This Afternoon by the aforementioned band. That’s four for them.

p.s. I just found the multi-quote button and am inordinately pleased with myself. :cool:

It’s not quite accurate to say I hated Nirvana, I just never paid them any mind. Their style wasn’t my thing. Then I heard this song and it blew me away. Partly it’s the song itself…It dates to at least the 1870’s and may be much older; no one knows who wrote it. Kurt Cobain’s tortured vocals, along with the heavy bass and driving guitar rhythm take it to a new level. And it seems more poignant by knowing that Cobain was near death when it was recorded.