Re-live one day

If you could re-live one day in your life over again, what would it be? This is not a “What would you differently?” question, but more of a “What day was so good that you want to go back and do it again?” subject.

Last year, when I visited Tally, I hung out with one of my good friends Sean for a couple of hours. Before my visit, I’d heard only of what an asshole he’d turned into. So I got down there expecting the worst. While we were hanging out in his room watching cartoons, he was exactly as I remembered him. We laughed, we flirted, we beat each other up with a knotted rope (don’t ask). And it’s taken me almost a year, but I finally got that rope. It’s hanging on my wall, and everytime I look at it, I can’t help but think of Seanee

I’d give anything to go back to that night of carefree flirting :slight_smile:

The day I got my first car. I was free of parental constraints, was the envy of my friends, and was as proud as a peacock. I must have spent 4 hours washing and polishing that damn thing in and out, and then I picked up my lady (the future Elkwoman), and went for a cruise. Ahhh… the good ol’ days before responsibility and reality took hold…

I’d go back to the first time I spent the night with my now girlfriend. There was just something about her that night. How beautiful she was, the way she smelled, the way we didn’t do anything at all other than fall asleep in each others arm. I can say without doubt that was the best night of my life.

My 21st birthday.

I heard Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers at 2:00 pm, the Count Basie Orchestra at 8:00 pm and Johnny “Guitar” Watson at 11:00 pm. (Freddie Hubbard canceled)

It was great. I fully expect a better day.

There are many days I know I would never want to relive EVER, but the day I one that WOULD want to relive would be a day when my grandfather was still alive. No certain day just a day when he was. There would be so many things I would tell him that went unsaid at the time. Especially the words “grandpa I love you too.” I would want to relive all those times he would come in and bug me in the wee hours of the morning (5am to be exact) and try to steal a kiss from me because I would always refuse before and even try to hide then… then he would try to get me up(I am not much of a morning person and hard to get up which now the mighty tiki god now knows this :-)as soon live with it )anyways afterward he would try, like I said before, to get me up and get me to go to breakfast with him at Hardee’s (one of his most favorite things to do that early I might add). It was a game we played just me and him and I wish I could relive a day to be able to play it again with him once more.