Re the paging of QtM, I'm beginning to understand why doctors dread cocktail parties

What more would you ever want to know about turtle butts?

[leer]Wanna come over and see my edition of “Pictures by J. R. R. Tolkien”?[/leer]

FWIW, although I’ve been grateful a number of times for free advice from our resident MDs, I’ve never specifically started a thread calling one of them. Until he moved away, I attended church with a pediatrician; I never asked him medical questions at church functions. I can only imagine that were I a doctor, I’d get sick and tired of people seeking me out for medical advice. So, I certainly can see the point of the OP. OTOH, I would assume that, no matter how gentlemanly he is, if it really bothered QtM to be paged, he would have come in at some point and said “Hey, knock it off, wouldja?”

I’ve been through three editions of them in the last 14 or so years. :smiley:

Love to. :wink:

This thread needs 10cc of happiness, STAT!
And a Rubella inoculation.


Hey lady! Didn’t you see what furt said?
If you weren’t mentioned by name then this thread is obviously not about you!

How is Gothie doing? Drop me an email or IM please, I’ve been thinking about you guys lately.

24, not 14. :smack:

Denise, you know where I live. You can pop by and see my entire JRRT collection!

I’m not in that neck of the woods real often, but I’ll probably take you up on that when I am. :slight_smile:

Your real life last name isn’t Bombay, is it? That would be so cool to hear that page in a hospital.

I have often wondered if the people on this board know just how lucky they are to have the likes of Qad in their midst. I mean here’s this amazingly knowledgeable, profoundly sensible, and frighteningly eclectic doc, and he’s there for everyone. Believe me - he is unique!

OTOH, if he continues to post stuff like “KarlGauss … keen medical intellect”, he will soon lose all credibilty! :slight_smile:

You can email me and we can set up a meeting.

Tsk, tsk. One day you’ll have to come to grips with the fact that you’re more than just competent. Is it not written “Do not bind the mouths of the kine who tread the grain”? (I never knew what that particular biblical quote meant, but it sounds deep)

To me, it sounds like an open invitation to allow skimming off the top: Look the other way when the people who do the work to dip into the till every so often.

But I’m no Biblical scholar. Paging Diogenes! :wink:

I’d see it as flattery if someone were to `page’ me with a specific problem, or to recognize me as this place’s most knowledgable (or most visible) expert on a specific issue.

Paging QtM! I just took an enormous dump that overflowed the toilet. And by overflowed I don’t mean I clogged up the toilet and the water ran over, I mean the actual feces pile was so high it ended up on the floor. Should I be worried?


Um, ignoring BruceDaddy’s um, problem for a moment, I just wanted to say that I truly appreciate Qadgop, DSeid, DoctorJ, KarlGauss, picunurse and all of the Dopers who share their knowledge on the issue that affects us all the most intimately and frequently, what’s going on inside of our skin. Thank you all for being patient and generous with your time and learning. You’re all the coolest. :cool:

That seems like a good policy to me. What say we continue it for the forseeable future?

Remove the feces from the toilet and bury them in a cat’s litter box. Watch hilarity ensue.

Incidentally, if anyone can find the post that I’m referring to above, can you paste a link? I tried searching but couldn’t find it.

The only time I paged QtM is was a question about transexuals in prison. Since I don’t know any transexuals who have been in prison, it seemed logical to ask someone who went to prison every day (gosh, that sounds awful, doesn’t it?) to work who would have contact with any transexuals who happened to be in that prison. Seemed less rude than to say “Paging Doper transexuals who have gone to jail”.

But Qadgop is way cool, I’m glad he’s here and I’m glad he’s so generous with his time and knowledge.