Re:Why is there a hole in the lid of some Kiwi shoe polish cans?

Chief Scott’s effort to get the answer directly from the manufacturer is commendable. So the hole in the lid of some Kiwi black shoe polish is to let an improperly mixed batch dry out? Even though this answer comes directly from the manufacturer, I see some problems with it.

Firstly, why puncture the lid rather than simply remove it?

Secondly, why are all colors sold with punctured lids, if only a batch of black was mixed incorrectly? In asking this question, I’m drawing on the independent research I did today at two Targer and one WalMart store. Yep, all colors of 1 1/8 oz size are punctured. The 2 1/2 oz ones are not.

Thirdly, why does this condition persist today (Sept 2011) more than ten years after this bad batch was mixed?

In making this comment, I have the advantage of todays perspective, not available to the original author. But as the answer is still on offer, it should still pass muster. I don’t think it does.

Time to contact the manufacturer again?

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Because then they would have to deal with all those containers of open shoe polish whereas with just a hole in the lid they are closed and don’t risk making a mess. I’m guessing this process involved thousands of containers that probably had to be left out for days or weeks.

My guess as to why you still see it today is that maybe after that first trial run they found it’s very cost effective. They may have found rather then throwing away bad stock or trying to guess at how much they will need (and underestimating) it’s easier to make it in surplus, ship what they need and anything that’s still in the warehouse after X amount of time goes through the drying process (which results in the consumer seeing a lid with a hole in it).

Apparently, it’s not just polish. I have a new tin of saddle soap which has the puncture and clear plastic seal, which in turn brought me into this search for answers. Good times.

I asked Kiwi. Their reply:

**Great question, David.

Thanks for writing regarding the hole in the lids of KIWI® Paste Polish – I’m happy to explain.

Some tins will have a small hole in the lid with a clear sticker covering it. This is a part of the manufacturing process as when the hot paste polish is poured into the tin, the small hole in the lid helps any steam release so that the lid doesn’t pop off. We then place a clear sticker on top to cover the hole, preventing any paste from leaking out.

If your can has a hole in the lid with a sticker over it, don’t remove the sticker as it could lead to the polish drying out prematurely.

We appreciate your choosing KIWI®.

Consumer Relationship Center
SC Johnson, A Family Company**

That’s a bad as the WAGs mentioned in the original question. If that were the case, why wouldn’t all tins be punched?