Reaction in your circles to the SCOTUS decision on health care reform?

There’s a fine thread in GD about the intricacies of the decision, but I’m more curious - on your Facebook feeds, offices, local radio - what are people saying?

I am bathing in schadenfreude hearing the right wing loons call the local talk show in tears, swearing they will go to jail rather than insure themselves.

Facebook feed is overwhelmingly positive - most of my friends are human beings who think that having health care is a universal right.

Mostly positive, with a side of “how will poor people pay for it?!?” thrown in.

That’s not to say that I don’t see a lot of “OMG SOCIALISM I DON’T WANNA PAY FOR SOMEONE ELSE’S HEALTH CARE WE’RE GOING TO HELL!!!”, but for the most part, those people are on the very outskirts of my circle, or they’re smart enough not to say it where I can hear it.

Personally, I’m ecstatic. Self-employed, pre-existing condition, some kind of reform was my only hope that I will continue to be able to afford health care.

“Here’s the good news, Neocons,” says one of my Facebook friends: “The Affordable Health Care Act covers butthurt.”

Also: “Supreme Court upholds Kenyan Usurper’s right to death panels.”

I want to be friends with your friends, LHoD.

Sadly, I have no social life to speak of right now. My “circle” consists of me and my husband. Happily, though, my circle is 100% in agreement: Woo-hoo!

My FB friends are all in a lather… what can I say, they’re mostly people I went to high school with and they believe that Obama is not a US citizen. I’m sure by this time tomorrow, they’ll be forming survivalist teams for the end of the world as we know it.

I personally want a single payer system like Canada… (I can’t say that out loud in my area, but I can post it annon here)… so, I guess I’ll take it and hope they still end up opening up Medicare to everyone who is interested. But, I have to be grateful to a certain extent because my only other hope of any health insurance was surviving to the age of 65.

I am so freaking happy I could explode. I’ve got one or two facebook friends who are pissed and/or disappointed, but I’d be interested to see their opinion if the benefits they’re using right now like preventive care and lower drug costs in Medicare were to be taken away.

I was shocked when my mom called me this morning and sheepishly admitted she was happy about it, too. The woman spouts Fox News like it’s gospel. I almost fell off my chair.

I have a 50/50 mix of conservative and liberal friends, so my facebook feed is a bit jarring right now. Lots of “IT’S A TAX THAT’S HOW THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR STARTED, PEOPLE” stuff mixed with “I love my country right now.”

I have whiplash. :slight_smile:

Some “How will we/poor people pay for it??” mixed with a little outrage over the government telling people what to do. Mostly widespread indifference. My friends generally don’t have health insurance from their jobs and do not qualify for Medicaid unless they have children.

I surround myself with bleeding-heart Liberals so there’s a lot of joy today. My one friend who works for the National Endowment for the Arts was seriously geeking out on it this morning, encouraging everyone to follow #SCOTUS stuff on Twitter.

I do have a soft Right friend (an ex teacher of mine) who posted a picture that said “Brace yourself - everyone on Facebook is about to become a constitutional scholar” just now, and said it was funny no matter what side you’re on. I agree - funny :slight_smile:

I’m just happy because I was getting so bored with Romney because he’s gone under ground trying to last out this election without taking a side on anything. (Call it primaries withdraw?)

Now, the hard core right have a new evil to latch onto. I can’t wait to see, read, hear what comes out of their mouths in this next week.

Reaction has been uniformly positive in my office and on my FB feed. I particularly enjoyed this link:

This speaks for me.

Everyone I know is very happy.

I work in health insurance, so it’s been good. Haven’t been on Facebook yet today.

All Americans are my friend. Most of them are a little unhappy.

I’d have thought that industry would be very much opposed. My pharmacist, for example, is not happy with the law.

My friends are mostly urban hipster types with a few anarcho-libertarians (crusties and bikers, basically) thrown in. Reaction from the former has been positive, as expected, and the latter have been mostly quiet.

I’ve only seen one honest-to-god negative reaction, from a Ron Paul fan who posted something about how we’re all going to have to deal with shitty, expensive health care like they have in Canada and Europe.

I live in the commie bastion of MA, and my Facebook feed is full of glee.

Huh? It’s a gift-wrapped present to the insurance industry. It mandates that everyone has to become a customer, and creates a way for that to be possible. The whole scheme was cooked up by right-wing think tank the Heritage Insititute as the Republican alternative to Hilliary Clinton’s proposed health care plan.

As for pharmacists, they already got their present with Medicare Part D forbidding the gov from getting a bulk discount.