Reading about the "knockout game" makes me feel old

:mad:I feel like an old grumpy man predicting the downfall of western civilization if this amuses the kids nowadays. How is this even a game?! Randomly assaulting old women is shits and giggles?

I felt the same way when a teenage girl laughed about how she and male friends brutally assaulted a pizza delivery guy and stole his money and pizzas, and how good they tasted and they showed how they rule their street. I was like you are a disgusting piece of shit and I hope you get arrested and sentenced.

Makes me feel like my dad.

It’s not really a thing. I think there were a couple of isolated incidents of assault, but it wasn’t a nationwide trend or a game a lot of kids were playing. It was just another media panic.

The opposite is true. The media is deliberately downplaying the issue because of the races of (most of) the participants and victims. If anything remotely the same number of incidents would be happening with the races reversed you would hear a lot more about it.

Of course, a lot depends on how you use words. If 20 - 50 is “a couple” than perhaps Marley is on to something …


Until I get a cite in the other direction, I’m going to let my uncited claim stand against the equally uncited claims of anyone else.

I know I’ve read about about 7 attacks in the NY area alone and probably about twice that many elsewhere in the country. That’s the lower bound. I’m assuming there are a lot more that I’ve not read about.

Don’t care what you think you “know” or what you vaguely remember you read or what you assume you would have read, were you in the habit of reading. You’re the one asserting that there are many attacks. Easy enough to prove. Give cite or go home.

Tough talk.

But fortunately, I don’t care what you think either.

So everything is good.

OK. I have cites. Yes I do. As always, the idea that anything that gets widespread Internet discussion and the full-frontal Fox News OUR AUDIENCE IS UNDER ATTACK treatment is being downplayed is ludicrous.

Here is one in Texas, and a white kid that attacked an elderly black person.

It does seem to be spreading via the media coverage, I hope everyone is arrested and convicted if they do this shit.

Knockout Game in St. Louis, Missouri (NBC

St. Louis Teen sentenced in one instance of “Knockout Game” (

Another instance of “Knockout Game” where a man was killed (

This was something started by the media and spread by media. With enough hype it became a thing.

Remember Jenkem years back? Where kids were getting high off of fermented shit and piss off gasses?
Same thing, started by the media and spread with joy by the media. For the sake of the kids.

Maybe I should have specified legitimate cites. Meaning, like, factual sources that support your claims. I had thought this was self-evident, but perhaps not.

Your claim is that “I think there were a couple of isolated incidents of assault”, versus my claim that there were 20 - 50.

Your first source is just an opinion piece by one guy claiming that the reports are overblown (he does not claim there were only as couple of instances). The only source he offers in support of even what he is saying is a NYT report that some police chiefs were uncertain of the extent of the game. The NYT article that he cites lists 4 incidents in NYC, 1 - 2 in Syracuse, plus some teenagers describing the game in Jersey City. So it contradicts rather than supports your claim.

Similar to your second cite. Like your first, it is an opinion piece, with no data at all. But FWIW, the guy is careful to say “An important clarification: the game definitely exists, and has been around for at least a couple of years. I’m not claiming the game doesn’t exist. But the idea that it’s reached epidemic levels, or that it’s only being played by young black people, is a fallacy.” So he’s only denying some sort of strawman and does not support your claim, even to the extent that he would count as a cite.

Your third cite consists of an assertion that one particular claim turned out to be incorrect, and then the usual blather about racial stereotyping about blacks.

In sum, all your cites are bogus and/or undermine your claims, from which alone one might logically conclude that you couldn’t come up with anything better and have nothing to offer. Or you could look up Wiki, for example, and discover that while there is considerable uncertainty about the extent of the game (much of it connected to whether certain attacks were part of a game, rather than uncertainty as to whether they happened) it’s clear that it’s far beyond the scope of your claim that it was “a couple of isolated incidents”.

Just what I wanted to do today! Argue about what “a couple” means.

Haha, jk LOL. My meaning was clear enough for anyone who doesn’t want to waste time. I acknowledged that there have been real assaults. It’s a country of 310+ million people, and there are hundreds of thousands of assaults every year. The Bouie piece narrows that down to large cities and assaults with only the hands and fists, and there are still more than 100,000. “20 to 50” assaults out of that number doesn’t constitute an epidemic, trend, or anything that necessitates panic.

And can you prove the media is downplaying it due to the races involved, or are you just going to trout out the “usual racist blather”? Or is your lack of any sort of citation proof that you couldn’t come up with anything and have nothing to offer?

Well I certainly agree that it does not require panic. I myself am not panicking, nor is anyone else that I know.

But I think there’s a big difference between claiming that it’s only a couple of isolated incidents and 20 - 50, and if in fact you didn’t think so you should have made that clear in your prior post instead of claiming that you had cites which backed you up.

[What exactly do you claim to think you were doing with those cites? Proving that several other people share your opinion that no one should panic?]

Snopes calls it false, or at least the original report.
The rest is assholes acting like assholes who should be prosecuted fully.

If it was 20 to 50 verified assaults in one city or even one state, there might be. Nationwide, perhaps over a period of years? No. It’s statistically meaningless and aside from the media frenzy it doesn’t seem different from a lot of other assaults.

Pretty much the latter.

The number of attacks is colored by a bit of uncertainty, but it’s a matter of objective fact to a large extent. What the media is doing is a subjective matter of perception and is not given to being settled with cites.

You ask for cites, critique others cites and then follow up that this won’t be settled with cites?
I am unsure of what point you are trying to get across. What is it?

His point is that black people are terrible, and anything terrible you hear about them should be assumed to be true, without the need for any reflection or investigation.