Reading books on a cell phone.

Is there a way to save books in txt format to a cell phone and read them? I have a system in place now where I place text files on a temporary web page and point my Opera Mini browser to the site which enables me to read. However I have to depend on a connection and opera splits it into several pages which causes me to have to keep connecting. I have a Nokia 6030b which has almost 3MB space on it.

The Baen Free Library has many books in various formats to download. I’m not familiar with your particular phone, but I use a Windows Mobile 6 smart phone and I find that the .rtf format read with the native Word application works best for me, especially since I use a specific system font which is maximally readable for me in small point. (Palatino Linotype and Clear Type if anyone’s interested.) I tried reading .pdf files but they format stupidly and by the time the type’s readable I have to scroll sideways for a month to read a sentence and I can’t do that–I read in blocks and crawling line by line drives me insane. E-books are great because they’re very small and a shitload will fit on a memory card.

The best thing about the Free Library is that every book is available in multiple formats so you can experiment with what works best–then you can go buy e-books without wasting your time or money on the wrong format.

Oh, your phone is much more advanced than my Nokia1600.
I’m sorry that, IMHO, there is no software or any other skill to transform it. If everypage has a great length of contexts, I think it’s not boring to do it manually.

Is anyone has a good tip?

I’m interested in downloading books onto my Treo and I just googled “free book downloads.” Whee!!!

Can’t help with the Nokia thing, but (for Ellen Cherry) there’s a load of interesting stuff available at Project Gutenberg in Plucker format, which works well on PalmOS.

Thank you, Mssr. Tout. I was all excited, and most of the places I’ve checked don’t seem to have any titles I’m interested in. I’ll check out Project Gutenberg. :slight_smile: