How can I read ebooks on my cell phone?

I have a Sanyo RL-7300 and I know I can read ebooks on it. I’ve done it. In fact, I have Bartleby the Scrivener by Herman Melville on my phone right now. I just forgot how I got it on there.

I want to download .txt files off of Project Gutenberg and read them on my phone. Programs like Tequila Cat, MjBookmaker, Bookshelf, etc., work either extremely poorly or not at all for me.

A few months ago I used some kind of software that converted the .txt into a .jar with almost no intereference. It ran on my phone as smoothly as if I were using notepad in windows. No features to speak of but stable, fast-loading, and bug-free.

I probably still have the software to do this somewhere on my computer, I’ve just forgotten where it is and I have no idea what it’s called.

My one bump. Thanks.

Is that a Symbian-based phone? Or Windows Mobile or PalmOS or some other standardized operating system? There are versions of Mobipocket and iSilo for all of those platforms; I’ve got a bunch of ebooks (and Fictionwise just acquired all of Tim Dorsey’s books! Yippee!) on my Nokia 6260 that I read using the Symbian versions of Mobipocket and iSilo. They’re really handy.

I can’t say I’m quite sure what a Symbian-based phone is. It’s nothing like a Blackberry or a Treo; it’s just a regular cell phone.