Reading Japanese websites..

Just a quick question…I want to be able to read all those Japanese sites (because I can!) but everytime I click on a japanese site, all I see is jibberish…is there a program I can download that could change that? Or maybe I have to mess with the properties of the comp. or something. Really confused here! Thanks for your help!


What OS and browser are you using? Without knowing that, it’s hard to help.

When all else fails, try It’s free and was what I used before I got my current computer (which shows Japanese sites in Japanese).

From shodouka’s site:

Get out your Microsoft installation disk, go to your control panel on your puter and then chooose Add/Remove programs. From there you should be able to install additional language support.

Or you could just go to and find it there also. . … …

Look for the Japanese language support and install that, it will allow your browser to see and display the Japanese characters correctly.

There is a seperate program that will allow you to type in Japanese characters, but I have no link to that available right now.

use excite’s web translation page - OK it is in japanese but you can figure it out at

type in URL in box, check second circle not first under box, press button next to box

translate its own page first to make things clearer
Also later versions of explorer will automatically ask you if you want a download in order to display japanese characters properly

Ah crap…forgot to mention my OS. I have a windows 98 and I’m using IE to surf the net. Thanks for helping me out!!!

I’ll look into those sites you gave me as soon as I get home! Thanks!