Reading Spoilers

Lately, I have been having immense problems with the triple-click mode of seeing what’s in a spoiler box. I recall someone explaining an alternative way to “reveal spoilers” but all I can remember of it was that it involved the word “left.” Would anyone care to spell that out again?

Hold down the CTRL key while left-clicking.

A spoiler for your convenience.

Alternatively, click at one end of the spoiler and hold down the left mouse-button. Then drag the cursor across the body of the message. This is the method I always use.

This method doesn’t work in Mozilla Firebird 0.6 or Konqueror 3.1.3, at least on my computer running Linux. The triple-click method mentioned by the OP does work, however. I haven’t tried CTRL-left clicking in Mozilla under Windows or Safari under Mac OS X. Could some kind Dopers provide more data points?

CTRL+Left-click does not work with Mozilla 1.3.1 in Windows. Triple click does work.

And to further add to the browser-spoiler roundup:

The drag, etc. thing doesn’t work in Opera 6.x but hitting Control-G changes the page so it’s readable (and Control-G to back the way it was).

Big Hint to OPs: state the browser(s) you’re using.

As another Doper once suggested, you could try pressing Command-A (or whatever does Select All on your computer). While it highlights all the text on the page, it also instantly highlights all the text in every spoiler on the page.

Command-A for Mac, Control-A for PC.

Ah, thanks.