Cool tip: triple click to reveal spoilers

Tired of mouse-creep, when that window starts scrolling at the speed of light just because you bumped the edge of a control? Tired of missing out on those few words or characters at the end that escaped your highlight? Tired of trying to position your mousepointer in just the right place to start your click and drag? Tired of OPs that sound like Ronco commercials?

You can reveal the entire body of a spoiler box by triple clicking anywhere in it.

That way, you don’t miss any really important stuff
at the end.

Doesn’t work in Opera 7. pout

A poster named Flamsterette showed us that tip here a couple of years or so ago. Good to have a reminder tho’ for the new folks, Liberal! :slight_smile:

Or you could press [ctrl]+[a] and highlight the whole darn page… (works in IE and Firefox, haven’t tested it elsewhere).


Ctrl+A works in Opera. :slight_smile:

Ctrl+A works in Firefox. Triple click doesn’t.

It worked for me in Firefox, but only after I figured out that there was a lot of blank space in the spoiler box and that I wasn’t clicking on the text. Once I triple-clicked over the text, I got it to work.

I see your point. Sort of. Liberal did say to position your pointer in just the right place.

(With Firefox) If I place my pointer in the first sentence, double clicking will select the word directly beneath. Triple clicking will select the entire line - but not the entire paragraph. Same with a position on the last line. I couldn’t find a spot that selected all the text (but perhaps I haven’t found that right place!).

Nah he didn’t actually. He said,

It works in Opera 7 as long as you have the mouse over some text.

Right-Click->Select All works in all browsers, regardless of mouse position (as long as it’s in the right window, of course…)

Yeah, it kind of defeats the purpose, at least with the example shown in the OP. You would miss the bottom line of text with triple-clicking.

Cool. Now explain why the blue lines between posts are all different thicknesses.

They’re not.

What browser are you using?

The triple click works in Explorer regardless of whether you click on text. I’ve discovered since then that it works in this text area as well.

Actually, triple click works in all Microsoft Office applications, too.

First click places the cursor;
Second click highlights a word;
Third click highlights the paragraph.

Search your MS Office help for the phrase “Select text and graphics,” for the many other text/image selection shortcuts.

Are so.

Heh. No idea why those lines display at different widths. But if you double-click on the narrow ones, they’ll assume the “proper” width.

Triple click doesn’t work in Netscape. If you click on the words, you get the line, but not the paragraph. Miss the words, you get nothing.

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