Reading Substack and Medium and _____

  1. If I pay to subscribe to an author on Substack, do I get to read ALL authors on Substack?
  2. What other sites are similar to Substack and Medium?
  3. I love you

I am confused about how Substack works. I’ve surfed around Substack, and it seems that my subscription would only be for that specific writer and not the entire Substack platform. Is that right?

It’s very possible that I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I’m pretty sure that you guys do.

Yes. I find it’s worth it for a handful of people.

Thank you very much for the quick reply. I’ll have to do more research over at Substack to focus my attention (and ultimately dollars), on who I want to read regularly. As a newcomer to these writing/reading platforms, I find it disappointing that there’s not a similar subscription level at Substack as I have at Medium. But that’s that.

Are there other platforms out there like these 2 sites that one would recommend for readers? Many of the reviews and summaries I read of these types of sites, they are tailored to the writers and how they can make $ or expand their brand. As is probably evident from my posts, I can barely write a paragraph. I’m only interested in reading and its associated learning (e.g., history, culture, world, philosophy, religion). I’m also interested in supporting the writers.