So, I started a Substack

Decided I’ve been told that I should be a writer by enough people that I started a Substack, The Way Things Ought 2 B, so I can go ahead and practice this craft on a platform which allows one to eventually monetize their audience. If you can build an audience, that is. Right now I’m at 6, so a bit of a ways to go. :wink:

My newsletter is @asahi lite - American politics, culture, and economics, all with a dash of catastrophic thinking. The theme effectively is that I don’t expect an easy time for America in the next 30-40 years… the rest of my life, effectively… and this will be reflected in many of the pieces written.

For now. It’s an evolving idea.

“2 B” will have one long-form article (1,500+ words) every two-three weeks, with 3-6 short takes (150-450 words) in between. In addition, I’m still working on the phone book project, which will… in time… also be Substacked. More details in that thread.

Subscriptions are free, and right now I don’t care if you subscribe using your spam email ( :stuck_out_tongue: ). Feel free to offer constructive criticism (and encouragement) because the idea is to get good enough to build an audience and eventually be paid for this.


My first article:

This would not have been possible without the SDMB, that I am quite certain, so I want to thank every single one of you for reading my stuff and, at times, reacting positively to it.



Why “2 B” instead of “To Be”? That doesn’t really give me the impression it’ll be an intelligently written article.


Get your Chicken Little on, JT! I approve…because it’s probably based in reality.

Marketing purposes. “2 B” makes a great linguistic shorthand for the newsletter (not article) and “2 B” will likely work better in a logo than TWTOTB. I’m perfectly fine with the construction.

Good first article, thanks for the read. The world could always use more sobering doses of doom and gloom. I subscribed, and I’m pulling for you man, keep grinding away at your craft and hopefully one day you land a mega book/TV deal. :slightly_smiling_face:

Still going, just dropped another article. Have royally pissed off one conservative I know, but then, to the articles point, he’s pretty fragile.

What is a Substack?

It’s an authoring website which allows the creators full copyright ownership of their creations. A number of journalists and essayists have moved to the platform and I decided to put my longer work on Substack rather than the SDMB. Since the SDMB requires both ownership of our work and anonymity of the author, it’s actually a rather poor platform to promote oneself.

… but that’s another discussion.

Keep fighting the good fight! :grin:

Thanks. This is the first I’ve heard of it and I appreciate the explanation. May the road rise to meet you.

Just wanted to add some encouragement. You write well and would like to see it take off.