Real Housewives of OC

Anyone watching this? I asked my sister who used to live in Orange Co. if these women we over the top or really like that. She said it was pretty spot on.

I watch it, but hate to admit to it.

I’ve never seen an entire episode, but Slade needs a swift kick in the nuts.

I’ve never seen it, but the Communist art critic at my favorite subversive rag wrote a nice little piece on the main participants here.

Have fun.

It’s a guilty pleasure of mine.

Am I the only one that thinks the women look old for their ages? With the too long extensions, massive implants, and Lindsey Lohan wardrobe - it just draws attention to the fact that they aren’t that young.

Now I understand how embarrassed my friend Heidi was when Beverly Hills 90210 was on. And how tired she was of the questions and comparisons.

Sure, there are outrageously botoxed and tacky women around here. Just like everywhere else. Nobody here pays any attention.

New money always gets a little crazy… :wink:

Slade is an abuser, that’s why he picked the perfect woman for him. Some one who is 24 and he that he could mold by throwing $$$ at her.

I watched the first episode when it was a free download on iTunes. I found it thoroughly uncompelling. I have to have at least a little relatability with my reality TV characters… just a smidge. I can’t relate to these crazy people at all, so it bored me.

Kimberly has had melanoma 5 times and she wears shorts and tank tops? Makes it hard to have much sympathy for her.

She always loos like she has a tan also. (I realize there is a whole fake tan craze, but hers looks like she still spends a LOT of time unprotected in the sun)

They’re just sad. There’s so many good things they could be doing with their money, so what do they spend it on? Bad hair extensions, Botox, and fakey-fake boob jobs. Ugh. I watched about 15 minutes of one episode and gave up.