Real life epitomes of stereotypes

I’m looking for people who could have been on the Stereotypes bowling team in the Pin Pals episode of the Simpsons (they begged Apu to join). My own nomination, Steve Sommers.

He is a radio host on WFAN in New York, and without question the most stereotypical Jewish New Yorker that I’ve ever seen or heard in my life. A typical quote goes something like this: “And the Knickerbockaz with the passing and the shooting already…”

For humor purposes, I’ve tried to think of some other good ones, any ideas?

Tony Danza.

Fran Drescher

Andy Dick. Even his name announces his stereotype. If he isn’t a real life dick, who is?

Martha Stewart

Stereotypical Jewish New Yorker: Woody Allen.

Stereotypical blowhard politician: Joe Biden.