Real People!

      • I remember one episode of this show where they had a couple on that bought an old oil rig, erected it on their property and then built their house on top of it - a good three or four hundred feet in the air. I’d guess that it would be fairly windy all the time and I don’t want to think about trying to sleep there with electrical storms raging just a few feet outside the door, but I’m still curious. - I’m fairly certain it was in Texas; anybody know where it is, or if it’s still around at all? - MC

Was that the show that had ex-Vikings QB Fran Tarkington as a host?

No, Fran Tarkenton (and Cathy Lee Crosby and John Davidson) are from ‘That’s Incredible!’

Real People, which was similar but less spectacle-based, was about going out and finding odd, unconventional, or just interesting ordinary people that did broadcastably curious things.

I have no clue what happened to those hosts, though. Of either show.

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I do recall that my hometown, Perry, Ohio was featured on “Real People” because they were one of the first towns in the country to set up a “speed trap” using a mannequin in the car instead of a real officer. The trap was often set up at the end of the street my high school was on, in order to fool kids zipping out of the parking lot. Now that’s something to be proud of!

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GuanoLad: I have no clue what happened to those hosts, though. Of either show.

Well, lessee:[ul][li]Mark Russell still does his political satire shows on PBS[/li][li]Byron Allen had a late-night talk show about 10 years ago[/li][li]Peter Billingsley is most notable for “The Christmas Story”. He’s done some other forgetable movies too[/li][li]Sarah Purcell did a couple of TV movies[/li][li]Fred Willard has become quite the character actor. He also does the 10-10-345 long distance phone ads. I remember him most as Mayor Deebs in “Roxanne”[/li]Skip Stephenson died at age 53 in 1992. He went into stand-up comedy. One of his jokes (right after RP was cancelled) was: “I’ve got a new show coming out: Real Unemployed People.”[/ul]


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  • I think it was in Texas but I’m not really certain. I just kinda figured that if you saw it you’d remember where it was. - MC

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