That's Incredible (or help me solve an argument)

Anybody remember that show? Hosted by Jon Davidson, Sarah Purcell & Fran Tarketon. They would have these people on doing stunts, tricks and the like.

Well last night one of my brother’s over and we’re telling stories to the kids about some of the stuff we used to do when we were kids. Any how, this show comes up in regards to this guy who appeared on it a couple of times. Here’s his stunt:

He’d start running in the middle of the street towards a car approaching rapidly from the opposite direction. He’d then jump, kind of track style, and the car would pass under him.

Ok got it. Now here’s the argument. I say that on one of his appearances (I think a multi-car jump) he missed the mark and flipped over the car, injuring himself. My brother says it never happened, and that I remember it that way because I’m always wishing bad stuff on people (entirely plausible as I do have that tendency when someone is intentionally putting themselves into harms way).

So who’s right?

I think that the guy was seriously injured in trying the 2 car jump. Like his lower leg bones were crushed. I also want to say that I remember reading that something was amputated, but I can’t be positive.

The fellow (a martial artist of some type) succeeded in juming a single car on his first appearance. While taping a second appearance, he mistimed his leap. His foot struck the windshield of the lead car, and he was flipped through the air. He suddered serious damage to the foor and lower leg, but I do not remember anything about an amputation.

Interestingly, I both recall that the episode was not braodcast on That’s Incredible and have a clear recollection of seeing the tape. It may be that the footage was run on a news or magazine program.

Thanks folks. I’m cursed with a vivid imagination, so I’m never really sure when I’m misremembering something like that. Spiritus you know you may be on to something. Could have something to do with why I remember it,and he doesn’t. Your description of him as a martial artist type also rings true as I seemed to get the distinct impression he was wearing a Ge (sp?)

It could possibly have been on “Real People,” though, (Skip Stephenson, Sarah Purcell, Byron Allen, John Barbour) (sp?), instead of “That’s Incredible,” (John Davidson, Burgess Meredith, Cathy Lee Crosby). T

I recall that too. I’m thinking he hit the second car, and merely broke his ankle. I do vividly recall him being on the show, talking about the stunt, with two feet.

Damm Mjollnir I forgot all about that show. I don’t eve remember which one was the rip off, only that one was ABC and the other NBC.

I recall this incident as well; I think it happened trying to jump over one car, but I’m not real sure.

What do remember a little better is that the failure was blamed on the fact that he did it in a hot climate, perhaps Arizona, and he wasn’t used to the heat.

Anybody remember the episode where the guy ran through a “fire tunnel” of some kind, and his gloves caught on fire? His hands were destroyed. They looked like the flesh had melted off the bones. One of the most gruesome things I’d ever seen on TV.

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Never watched Real People, but do remember the car jumping guy on That’s Incredible (Fran Tarkenton (sp?) was definitely a host). I distinctly remember seeing a freeze frame where his foot hit the top of the windshield (from video taken inside the car). I only recall him breaking his foot, though.

Anyone remember when they had someone showing a large spider on the show, mentioning (I only recall this vaguely) that the spider became a virgin again after sex (???), to which a flustered Cathy Lee responds, “oh, that’s… exciting.”

Hmmm, that doesn’t make any sense… does anyone recall what was actually said?

All I remember about “That’s Incredible” was the premier episode, where a yoga guy named Yogi Kudu stuffed himself into a small glass box for a while.

Burgess Meredith???

That’s Incredible hosts: John Davidson, Fran Tarkenton, Cathy Lee Crosby

**Real People hosts: as listed above - Skip Stephenson, Sarah Purcell, Byron Allen, John Barbour, and a bunch of other people who came and went like Fred Willard, and that annoying little Peter Billingsley kid.

That’s Incredible dealt in record holders, and amazing feats, peppered with interesting facts. And stuff.

Real People seemed to be more of a man-on-the-street ‘we heard you’re one eccentric weirdo’ interviews with oddballs around the country. And stuff.

Anyway, there was an episode of That’s Incredible that had a stuntman injuring himself as he leapt over a car. They usually didn’t mind showing the failed attempts some of the time.

Burgess Meredith was a co-host of “Those Amazing Animals.”

IIRC the car jumping guy who was injured sued the show claiming something to the effect of “Yeah I sighed an injury wavier but I’m an idiot and you shouldn’t have let me do it”.

Saturday Night Live had a skit called “Real Incredible People”. In the episode, they did a spotlight on some person (Jane Curtain) who “actually read a real book”. They interviewed her sitting up in bead reading from a book before she went to sleep. Funny stuff…

[sup]Back in my day Saturday Night live used to be funny. Cutting edge stuff, back then. Not this namby-pamby “spotlight my character so I can make a movie” crap you kids watch today.[/sup]
Oh yeah, the car that the dude jumped over was red. His right foot hit the top of the windshield and he flipped over the car, not landing on his feet. He got up, limped and said “I’m OK”.

On Real People, you could at least get that nifty t-shirt! What did That’s Incredible ever offer its guests, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Real People debuted in 1979, and That’s Incredible! in 1980 according to

Hey Spritle I remember that episode of SNL. My favorite part form teh original show was when that guy Garret Morris would do the close caption for the hard of hearing. As Chevy Chase would repeat teh stop story, he appear in a littel circle shouting "Our top story tonight…

Funny stuff