Real simple computer question that frustrates me greatly

This is an incrediably simple question, but I have no idea who to ask, or what the deal is with it. I’m sure the answer is pretty logical, but… help me out anyway? :slight_smile:

Sometimes, when I’m playing a game that takes up the full screen (right now it’s Diablo II) I’d like to be able to pause it, minamize it, and check my mail or do something online. This requires minimizing the window though. Simple enough, sez I, that’s what the little Windows logo key down by the alt key is for, right?

Apparently not, since it doesn’t -do- anything when I press it.

So, um, what am I supposed to do? Is it possible to minimize my games?

thanks for your help.

Try Alt-Tab, together.

And be patient–sometimes it takes a minute for the computer to comprehend what you just told it. I do this with Scrabble all the time.

Funny: I just minimized Diablo 2 to go surf the SDMB.

If you want to make things really easy just let Diablo 2 run in window mode. Right-click on the shortcut, go to properties, and in the target field add a -w to the end of it, so it looks something like:

“C:\Games\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe” -w

In that mode you can just click outside the Diablo window and it automatically minimizes.

The window key does all kinds of stuff. By itself, it brings up your start menu. In combination with other keys, it can:

Open an Explorer window (not Internet Explorer): Win+E
Log off: Win+L
Run dialog box: Win+R
Find Files or Folders: Win+F
Clear the desktop/Restore all windows: Win+D
Minimize all windows: Win+M
Restore all windows: Shift+Win+M
Mute/Unmute your volume: Win+V

It will usually minimize a full-screen application (such as games), but not always. Programs can be written to trap the window key so that you don’t accidentally minimize the game while playing. Try Alt+Tab or Alt+Esc to switch out of your game instead.

Thanks you guys. This is a huge help.

Also, if you hit Alt-Enter, you can change from fullscreen to windowed mode, which should display some of your desktop. From there you could check your email, or do whatever else you want.

Just as a warning, some programs don’t LIKE being put in windowed mode. It can sometimes crash the game or the operating system.