Diablo 2 Resolution

I picked up a copy for half price yesterday. It runs at 640X480 right now. Is there a way to edit a config file or whatever to make it 1024X768?

No, there’s not. However, if you right click the desktop shortcut that I know you have put “-w” without the quotes at the end of the command line it’ll run windowed instead of full screen and not resize your desktop etc. That’s what I do. The down side is that Diablo II will minimize automatically if it is not the active window. This is bad if you’re currently engaging the enemy as you know.

That’s a cool sig too btw.

This is one thing that bugged me about DiabloII. Why the miniscule screen resolution? The art is obviously top-notch; why couldn’t they have digitized it at a higher resolution, and then scaled it down for those who couldn’t run it at something like 1024x768?

From da FAQ:

"Why is Diablo II’s resolution limited to 640x480?

Due to the large amount of pre-rendered artwork – backgrounds, character, and monsters – we found this resolution provides us with the optimum balance between hard-drive install size, system requirements and the number of CDs. "

In other words, they got their artwork in the can and moved on to other things, like, say, patches for the bugs that were in the code when they went gold. Why do you think they were able to ship the first patch BEFORE they shipped the game? Because they didn’t burn the midnight oil drawing prettier graphics, that’s why.

Granted, I’m all for better resolution, but I’ll play a pretty crappy-looking game, so long as it works. If a game doesn’t work, I don’t care how nifty it looks; it’s going back on the shelf.

A good example was Tie Fighter. Ran way too freaking slowly on my first system that would run it; once I upgraded to something that could run the game, I found that being outnumbered 30:1 was a bit overwhelming, particularly since my AI wingmen were about as useful as a pitcher of warm spit. Back to X-Wing with its (relatively) crappy graphics!

I have a hard time going back to x-wing. Tie fighter had a much more useful interface.

They should at least do what Bioware did with Icewind Dale and Baldur’s Gate II and allow the option of running the game at a higher resolution, allowing more of the playing field to be shown (but without resizing the sprites and tiles–they get “smaller”). I mean, if you’re system is powerful enough to run D2 at an acceptable framerate (serious memory hog), then you probably can run it at 800x600.