Real world gas mileage: Ford Fusion

Inspired by this thread. I figured I’d start my own, versus having it lost in that thread.

Does anyone have real world gas mileage numbers for a 4 cylinder, 6 speed Ford Fusion?

I do about 90% highway and a long commute, so mileage means a lot to me. I currently drive a 2008 Subaru Impreza 2.5i with 5 speed transmission. The Subaru website lists mileage as 22 city, 27 highway. I find this strange, as I routinely get 31 mpg, and I’m by no means a slow driver.

I imagine the Fusion to be heavier, but also doesn’t have to drive all 4 wheels like the Subaru.

Any real world numbers would be appreciated.

two people I work with have 2010 Fusion SEs, I can ask them tomorrow. 'course they drive automatics, so if you want to know what it is for the 6MT then that info might be a little hard to come by.

we also have 4 hybrid Fusions in the office fleet (manager’s cars) and they in general average 35-39 mpg.

if you’re going on the mpg returned while largely at a steady cruise, that has no relation to the EPA highway number.


As to gas mileage: the 31 is the average calculated when I fill up (and shown on the display).

If I reset the gauge while on the highway and maintain under 2500 RPM, then it reads 34 or so.

Ok I talked my co-workers. One actually has a V6 SE, the other a 4 cyl. The guy with the v6 says he gets around 22 mpg, mostly city. The girl with the 4-cyl says she gets around 34, mostly highway.

I get upwards of 50 mpg on the highway in my Prius; why aren’t you considering one? It leaves all the other hybrids in the dust, mileage-wise, from what I’ve read.

Driving is one of the few things I look forward to every day (looove a manual transmission). A Prius would never do for me.

Stop fondling your stick, sparky!


Where did he say he’s looking for a hybrid? Besides, he’s probably trying to keep his smug emissions down.

Thanks 34 is impressive.

Why is this? We have an 08 Scion tc (5 speed) which is supposed to get 20 city/ 27highway, and we regularly get 32 mpg combined. Where do they get these numbers? We’re not particularly wussy drivers or anything.

I have the Hybrid and my dashboard reader shows 35.6 as the average after 5,000 miles.

ETA - 80 miles of stop-and-go commuting on the 405 in Los Angeles.

80 each way?? Or total?

The EPA test for the highway rating involves at least a few segments of wide-open-throttle to simulate passing and merging.

The admin. is thinking about raising the standards considerably soon.
Buy a Volt. They come with a 9 K government tax break and most states kick in another 5. That puts it at about 30k. It will get far better mileage.

80 per day total.

I wouldn’t touch a Volt with a 10 foot, insulated pole.

That is a pretty ironic post looking at your user name. :slight_smile:

The EPA’s website (, in addition to having the EPA numbers for cars, allows feedback from drivers of cars to submit their averages. According to this (albeit meager) sampling, FWD 4cyl 6mt Fusion drivers get 32.7:

ETA: The reason your mileage may vary (hey, someone should come up with an acronym for that…), is because the EPA uses a very specific testing procedure that may not match your driving. It doesn’t have anything to do with “wussy” vs. “non-wussy” driving. Details here:

Wow, that’s a great site. Thanks

I’m sorry. I thought the Fusion was a hybrid.