Real World Philadelphia: Anybody Watching This With Me?

Landon’s such an ass with the drinking.
Sarah’s such a ho.
Mel’s such a judgemental, scheming little instigator.
Shavonda seems halfway normal, if a little naive.
Karomo has been an ass, but seems to be rethinking his positions- he may choose to still be an ass, but then again change may occur.
The blonde curly-haired guy whose name I can’t remember, he hasn’t had much coverage lately, but I respect him for not sleeping with Sarah just because she was practically begging her to. At least, I don’t think he did.

I’m liking this show all in all. It’s the original reality show, or close to it.

I was watching it until the knife incident, then I got bored. It’s the first Real World I’ve ever really watched so it was funny at first.

I’m surprised you think Shavonda seems normal. She’s an evil, immature, manipulative little twat carrying more baggage than freight train. Landon’s an ass, but she still has a crush on him and you can see Shavonda get all jealous and catty if he starts talking to another girl. Shavonda goaded her boyfriend into a fight by continually telling him about how much she liked Landon, then dumped him, then yelled at him when he visited an ex-girlfriend that Shavonda hates.

MJ’s a bit naive and can be pretty insensitive, but he’s the second most mature and stable person in the house, next to Willy.

I haven’t caught every one, and the ones I’ve missed must’ve featured Shavonda, because I haven’t seen that much about her. I did see the Fiji trip, and I think the shit’s gonna hit the fan when they get back and it could get really weird.
I forgot about Willy. He’s fairly normal and doesn’t seem to get into drama as much as some of the other ones.
So MJ did not sleep with Sarah, right?

I haven’t seen any of the Fiji ones, why would it be weird?

And now, they didn’t sleep with each other, but I think they made out one night.

I think she’s much too conflicted about her feelings for him and doing it will come back to bite them in the ass. Plus, both of them obviously have some emotional problems and that always makes for good drama. I predict this will not end well.

Landon implied he slept with her while talking to MJ on the first Fiji episode.

I think this is an OK season compared to the others. The cast isn’t as dramatic or good looking as many of the others. The one thing that bothers me is that the editing this season is really poor.

Landon and Shavonne defintely did it in Fiji.

Karomo is definitely an ass.

Why the hell does he care what Shavonda does with Landon? She broke up with her boyfriend and can do whatever she wants.

Saying he wanted to slit Landon’s throat was way over the top.

I used to enjoy Real World … I really did. After San Francisco, though, it all went downhill for me. London was dull and frustrating, and I just lost interest after that.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like the last few Real Worlds have a cast that’s nothing but collegiate studs and hotties. The types of housemates used to follow a formula that would include seven people, chosen from the following list:

  • The studly fraternity/surfer dude
  • The hottie girl
  • The naive, farm-bred Midwesterner, Southerner or upper-middle class suburbanite
  • The average Joe
  • The perky sorority girl
  • The angry African American
  • The firely Latina
  • The flaming, fabulous homosexual
  • The obnoxious guy

No, I’m not watching it. If they change the title of the show to Fantasy Land, I might reconsider.

Million dollar lofts? Room mates you would never-in-a-million years shack up with? No bills to pay?

That’s the “Real World”?

Pretty much. And they’re all completely, batshit insane. Good times, my friend.

The cast from this year seems to be:

Studly frat boy with serious alcohol problem: Landon
Naive, studly hick: MJ
Angry, studly black guy: Karomo
Fabulous, sane homosexual: Willy
Popular sorority girl: Mel
Crazy ho: Sarah
Crazy sorority girl with lots of emotional baggage: Shavonda

So if they did nothing to the show but change its name, you’d watch it? :confused:

I “might”. Actually, I was half joking. I was just making a lame comment about the title of the show. :wink:

I always watch RW (except for Vegas - the only season so bad that I stopped watching), so I’ve seen every episode of Philly.

Shavonda is one of the biggest bitches in Real World history. A truly spiteful, hateful, manipulative individual. Her racist comment about MJ (she called him a cracker-ass white boy or something) moves her right into the “bad human being” catagory in my book. Awful person. Bleh.

Karamo has his good days and his bad days. His real problem is that he has major issues with being gay and being black, so he ends up being a complete asshole when he probably doesn’t mean to.

Willie is cute (loved the episode where he got so drunk he forgot to pay the cabbie), MJ and Landon are both huge tools, Sarah is surprisingly cool for the most part, and I think Melanie gets more shit than she deserves (she handled her scabies situation surprisingly well).