Realistically, what would have happened to the Stay Puft Corporation after the events of Ghostbusters 1?

Let’s consider if it happened in “our” world and not linger on the whole ghost/afterlife complications, and ignore everything that happens in the future movies, what would happen to the Stay Puft corporation after their mascot was last seen rampaging around New York City?

Would they have kept their mascot claiming this was all free publicity, would they quietly replace the mascot, would they actually fully rename and rebrand like Aunt Jemima did because of public outcry, or would the entire brand be sued out of existence for all the people that were hurt/killed by the mascot on its rampage?

It wasn’t clear to be anyone was killed. Stay Puft was moving pretty slowly, I think people had a chance to get out of the way.

The subsequent films seem to very strongly suggest that what people chose to do after these wild events was try to pretend they never happened.

Their stock price soars. I would absolutely, to this day, buy stay puft marshmallows if they existed and I ever bought marshmallows.

The Michelin Tire man would get very jealous.

I’m no big-city lawyer, but I don’t think I could see how anyone could prove in a court of law that Stay-Puft Inc. was legally responsible for acts committed by the avatar of an Elder God that happened to resemble their trademark. Seems like a force majeure issue to me.

They sue Ray for copyright infringement.

“Nice thinking Ray!”

True, but the way they seem to forget about ghosts in the second movie makes me think they must’ve had some cover-story. And the company doing some sort of promotional stunt would be a pretty obvious one to go for.

@RickJay, even if no one died, I do believe the marshmallow fell apart and rained down on everyone, so there’s still the issue of damage.

Stay Puft comes out with a special “limited edition” bag of marshmallows.

Ghostbusters “action figures” become a hot collector’s item. The Giant Stay Puft figure is deliberately underproduced to pump up the frenzy.

Someone produces an inflatable lawn decoration.

Good Housekeeping comes out with a recipe to make a Stay Puft cake.

Considering that sales of Corona beer are up significantly the past year and a half, I’d guess that the Say-Puft Marshmallow Company would be doing just fine.

Is that really true?

I just remember all the news articles a year ago that were basically “Dumb Americans not buying Corona beer because they think it has the Coronavirus”

I was thinking they’d be suing Zuul.

Not sure how you would serve the subpoena though.

“I am the gatekeeper. Are you the key master?”

“No, I am the process server.”

At the very least, they deflect the blame to him (reasonably; it was his fault, not theirs, that a gigantic version of their mascot went on a rampage).

Googling “corona beer sales” gets me headlines that mostly say that sales are up, in spite or, or because of the name. The only headlines that indicate a downward trend are from very early on, like Feb and March of 2020.

And I don’t think it was so much “Dumb Americans”, as simply a normal reaction to something that reminds you of something unpleasant.

If you did a controlled study, and I’m not sure exactly how you would, I would hypothesize that a person’s average consumption of “Granny Smith” apples would go down for a time after their grandmother passes away.

Not because they confuse the apples with their grandmother, but because the name brings up painful emotions.

If Ray had thought of Mickey Mouse instead, I’m sure Disney would find a way.

That, and the whole stepping-on-a-church thing.

Stay Puft would sue NYC because why not who would in turn sue Ghostbusters, Inc. who obviously have no malpractice insurance.

People dying of heart attacks happens all the time from incidents even if there was no direct deaths.

If Stay Puft was at the Capitol Building they’d claim he killed multiple people including police officers.

Which frankly dampened my appreciation for the sequel. I hate that “we-forget-it-ever-happened” trope that sequels seem rife with. Or TV series like the early 90’s War of the Worlds.