Reality bites two charged with dog cruelty

A couple of locals have been in the news lately for dog cruelty charges. The prosecutor has changed the charges a few times, from a high misdemeanor to a lower one, then all the way to a felony. At the latest hearing where the felony charges were presented the woman shows up in court wearing a shirt that reads, “Reality called - and I hung up”. Guess what, lady, reality has hit home. Who in the heck would wear a shirt reading that to a court hearing?


Dumb. And cruel.

Back when I made regular appearances in court you couldn’t wear t-shirts, shorts, ripped pants, hats etc, and no big logos.
You had to say Sir/Maam/your honor/officer when speaking. There was no yeah, naw responses accepted.

I had a bad habit of saying Dude.:smack: It didn’t fly, even if you were the good guy.:rolleyes:
I say hold these people to a standard. If that’s the statement the defendant wants to make, I think the judge should take that into consideration. :slight_smile:

Oh, the people were being cruel to the dogs. Carry on, then.
And as a person who always wears the same thing all the times when out and about, I’d be extremely bothered if justice was curtailed because the judge didn’t approve of my wearing my blue shirt and jeans. Whether the woman was dumb or not, I don’t think that people should be punished for wearing clothes unless those clothes are offensive or scanty enough to be illegal for exposure reasons. In my opinion this lady’s shirt shouldn’t cross any lines.


Just from that stat we know the dogs must have been malnourished because you could not physically fit 21 healthy CCs in an apartment. Good lord. They are large dogs. They’re 80 lbs on the very very low end.

And 21 dogs in a small non-air-conditioned apartment in July, with no water available?
At a minimum, neglect. If I was on the jury, I’d vote guilty on a cruelty charge.

One thing I don’t get:

Why can’t the medical care be provided, and who decides which level of medical care be provided while the dogs are “in custody”? Is it because they may still be returned?

UKC Breed standard (bolding mine):

How could anyone exercise and properly socialize that many Cane Corsos? And without exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization, you’re damaging these dogs and potentially making them dangerous. Cane Corsos are a guarding breed; they NEED a family to watch over and dote on and a territory to protect. You can’t stack them like boxes of T-shirts to be sold as orders come in.