reality check at the movies

Let me get this straight… I pay eight bucks and change to see a film, and then you show advertisements prior to the feature? What the fuck?

Either make them ad supported and let me screen for free, or charge me and let me sit in the marketing-free peace I thought I paid for. This double-dipping is nonsense, and is just one more thing to make me want to rent and watch at home.

Do it; make sure you tell everyone in the film industry why you’re doing it. Maybe if enough people do this, they’ll be forced to change things.

In reality though, making them entirely ad-supported would probably mean you’d have to sit through a lot more ads, maybe even tolerate commercial breaks in the film; or making it ad-free would just mean the ticket would double in price. no such thing as a free lunch.

Personally, I find cinema ads quite entertaining

Eight bucks Canadian to see a movie? That is really cheap.

This isn’t much of an improvement. Most DVD rentals show trailers and other rubbish while somehow disabling the menu and fast forward commands. Now that takes brass balls, and must have the support of the hardware manufacturers.

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Not surprisingly, the theaters aren’t liking that. They will be forced to actually provide a superior service over your home movie experience to entice us into the theater. Right now, with ads, high prices, loud customers, bad sound systems, and cell phones, people are getting tired of going to the theater. And with home theater systems improving (my “TV” is a DLP projector that projects onto an 84" screen), people are finding fewer and fewer reasons to leave their homes.

Plus at home you can have an alcoholic beverage or three to go with the movie. Forget about that crappy fountain drink.

At home you can have a smoke with that alcoholic beverage or three during a movie on your 84" 16:9 screen with the Dolby Digital 7.1 providing you optimal sound while your ass is parked in a comfortable soft leather La-Z-Boy with your favorite blanket over your lap and absolutely no cell phones, screaming kids, whiny teenagers, clueless fucksticks saying ‘WHAT DID HE SAY??’, sticky floors, people tripping over you to go to the bathroom, overpriced burnt popcorn with fake butter on it, and all of this will cost you an average of 95 cents a movie if you’re pretty efficient with your Netflix 3 at-a-time plan.

Movies? People go to the movies? Yeah, I went once recently. It was enough to remind me why I don’t go to the movies anymore.

Yep, and the movies suck this year, too.

:confused: That’s over 10 American, seems about the same to me.

Wrong way. It amounts to $6.56 US, which is cheaper than I’ve seen down here in years! :smiley:

(Bolding mine.) Who’s looking for a free lunch? I want to watch the movie I’ve paid for, without having to sit through commercials. And it’s hard to believe that ad-free movies would have to be twice as expensive; that would mean that the ads provide as much revenue as the current ticket price – in other words, that theatres have doubled their revenue in one fell swoop over the past few years by showing ads. If that’s so, have their expenses doubled as well, or are they just making ungodly profits? (Although I’ve always heard that the actual theatre chains don’t make much profit, but the distribution companies do.) Either way, it’s no mystery to me why attendance is down.

I’ve always loved going to the movies; I hope they get their act together and start making it an appealing experience again.

Not to mention I can get up to pee without worrying that I’m missing an important scene.

I remember when cable TV didn’t have commercials too.

For some reason, I enjoy watching the adds in movie theaters, and dislike entering too late and missing them…

The exhibition business is near crisis mode, really, because for them, it’s not so much how much movies make, but when. The constant trend of movies opening to a large first weekend and then dying off quickly is killing them. Not even ten years ago, films would make on average about 5 times their opening weekend, and now it’s down to 3.5 or so. The overall amount movies make is about the same or a little higher, but the fact that exhibitors only get a small cut of the film early on (generally 10-15%, and in special cases, zero) means that less and less is going to exhibitors. This ratio increases to 50% as films continue their run, which is why they love films like Titanic and Greek Wedding (distributors do too, but they’d rather get their money quicker). It’s our own impatience and need for instant gratification that’s screwing us with pre-film ads.

They’re also still recovering from that crunch a few years back where they had to eat all the marginal theaters and move to the multi-plex theme-park facilities we have now.

No, that’s not it. It’s “forget about that crappy $3.75 fountain drink.” I can rent an entire movie for what snacks cost. Yikes.

Are you talking about ads, though, or trailers? I like seeing the trailers for up-coming movies-I’m not too fond of seeing actual commercials for Coke, Nike, McDonalds, etc.

Not quite double, but at The Arclight Cinema in Los Angeles, the tickets cost from $9.75 on up to about $14, and what you get is a comfortable, reserved seat in a large stadium-seating style theater with great sound and absolutely no commercials at all.

I’d rather ads before the movie than the unashamed ads IN movies :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t mind some of the ads, but when ads run into trailers run into MORE trailers run into a trailer for the movie in the room next door, I get a little impatient. I have to go easy on my popcorn or it’ll be half gone by the time the movie starts. However, when I do that it’s half cold by the time the movie starts.
Movies at home where I can have a drink, make a sandwich, snuggle with my woman, have a smoke, and go pee at leisure without distractions (although in a college apartment there will always be distractions) are far, far superior.