Reality TV addresses "reality," Trump-style

They’re bringing back a “civilian” version of The Apprentice, to feature the unemployed and the underemployed.

Liked it in Up in the Air, not sure it will work quite that well as a reality TV show.

That won’t stop me from watching, of course … :wink:

Numbers must be down because of the debacle with that old hag Joan Rivers last year. When she won, many people I knew felt cheated – they had wasted their time watching the show thinking that it wasn’t orchestrated, and it appeared that the fix had been in at least since halfway through the season. It was a joke.

As for me, I agree and won’t bother wasting any time watching the celebrity version that is currently on. My SO, who was totally into it (and who was the original person watching it in our house in the first place) isn’t bothering to watch it either.

Absolutely. They might as well have announced: Joan is our biggest star, she will not be fired no matter how clearly she deserves to be. And she has told us she will walk when her daughter is fired so she’s also immune."
I did watche the premiere of the new series, to see if they’d learned anything.


Problem: On the whole, there are more male ‘celebrities’ than female ones, meaning when you look at who is interested doing this show, you end up with B/C level male celebrities and C/D level female celebrities. Meaning every time a task boils down to “get ordinary people to come gawk at a celebrity” or “get celebrities to extract big donations from friends” the males will do better. Setting your teams up as males vs. females high lights this problem.

Obvious solution: divide your teams in some other way. Did they do that? Nope. Men vs. women again.
Problem: You’re selling “watch famous people” as the hook for your show. This means that you do not want to eliminate the most famous people, meaning that the watcher KNOWS which players will be immune til way into the show.

Obvious solution: none, really. It’s a fatal flaw in the game plan. And it showed up in the first episode. The women’s two top celebrites are clearly 1) Sharon Osbourn and 2) Cyndi Lauper. (Yes, it’s that sad, a hasbeen pop singer is the second most famous player. The rest of them are on the level of cable tv hostesses and playboy models.)

So the reason the women’s team lost the first episode are (most important) the men know more rich people and secondly the team leader (Cyndi) made the bad decision of not pricing their burgers high enough. This led to their diner being clogged with ordinary people who paid $25 for a burger but no more, and who hung around to gawk at the celebs and (likely) watch the excitement of the show being filmed, while some people who had come down just to make large donations were left to languish in a line that wrapped around the block.

So who gets fired? A woman who did an excellent job of the tasks she was assigned: she was the ‘barker’ who got all those people lines up around the block and then when she got moved to being the counter waitress for all appearances did a good job of that.

So why did she get fired? Well, she made two big mistakes.

  1. She wasn’t famous. I mean – she was a writer on a tv show! Who the hell has any idea who writers are, other than TV show producers, maybe? And even if you know a writer’s name, do you really have any desire to find out what they look like?

  2. She wasn’t beautiful. The Trump likes his eye candy.

The ONLY entertaining aspect to the show was watching that disgraced governor – Blag-something or other – humilate himself. He runs around, desperately telling everyone who will stand still that he’s not guilty, he was framed, the trial will exonerate himself, etc. while the rest of the male team treats him like a joke.

That crap with the Rivers hags really turned me off last year, so I only caught this on Hulu at lunch at work. The thing that really bugs me is never gonna go away - Trump is such a sexist bastard that he will never stop the ridiculous “Men vs Women” crap. I’ll probably catch this occasionally, but it won’t take up[ any of my TiFaux space…