Reality TV Show You'd Want to See

Is there a situation that you’d like to seen modified and turned into reality TV fodder?

Here’s what I’d like to see:

(This idea came to me after seeing the response to Pat Summitt having logged more wins than any other D1 basketball coach. The mainstream response has pretty much been that it doesn’t count because she coaches “girls” and thus apples and oranges compared to Dean Smith’s record).

Basketball Coaches Battle of the Sexes
To be shown on the worldwide leader:

Premise: Take 2 high-profile, successful coaches. One who coaches men and one women. Pat Summitt and Tom Izzo, for example.
Take 40 semi-pro basketball player wanna bes - 20 of each gender.

Let each coach assemble and then coach 2 teams - one male and one female. The coaches would watch the players at a week-long try out camp and then make their selections. If Izzo got to take his first choice of the women, then Summitt could get her first choice of the men.

Give them a month or two to practice including some warm-up games.

Lots of opportunity for drama for all involved, all the standard made for TV head-shot reflection on what was said or done etc. etc.

Have the big night - The Izzo coached men vs. Summitt coached men and then the Izzo coached women vs. the Summitt coached women.

I’ve always been a fan of pro-celebrity boxing. Follow Regis Philbin through six weeks of training. If he survives three rounds with Lennox Lewis, he wins.

This is not a new idea of mine, but around here (Michigan) there is a Gieko(sp?) Insurance commercial about two people who have to spend their first year as a married couple in a house that is too small. Everything in the house is very small and they get very frustrated in cramped quarters.

When I first saw the commercial, I thought I would check the show out, but then it turned out that it was an insurance commercial. I have not talked to anyone about it that does not want to see this show.

I’d like to see a show where a group of people are dropped into some remote location, like an island or something, and have to figure out how to survive for a month or so.

Yeah, I know, there was a show kinda like that a few years ago. But later installments quickly became less about actually surviving and almost totally about how to play the game of “Alliances, Back-Stabbing, and Suck-Ups”. Recent installments have proclaimed that they maroon the people with “absolutely no help of any kind”. Well, except for the flints for starting a fire that we give them after a few days. And the fishing gear that we give them after a few more days. And the “rewards” of food that we give them throughout the show.

How about doing Survivor where they really have to survive, on their own? Do away with the voting and have nothing but survivor-related competitions, loser goes home. Then the winner will have won truly because of skill, and not 80% luck.

Yah. Tiny House would be SO AWESOME!