Reality TV Talent Show - Would you do it?

I’m just curious. I sent in an application to one today and am not sure, if chosen, I could do it. Or would even really want to do it for real.

Why did I send in the app then you say? Heck if I know! My SO told me too. I’m hoping they call, but then I’m hoping they don’t. Actually I really want them too. Haha - wait, I don’t know :smack:

Well, I don’t know if they have much need for a singer/guitar player who rivals a herd of cats with their tails in a meat grinder, and I don’t think they would find programming an interesting talent, so I’d have to say no :).

What kind of reality show was it, dreamer?

As for me – my reality gets a bit too much into the surreal for the telly folks, I’d say. And what wasn’t surreal, I’d doubt they’d believe. :slight_smile:

I don’t know much about it but it’s a singing competition. I probably would of auditioned for American Idol if there wasn’t an age limit and on this one there isn’t. I’m sure there’s more to it, being that it’s a FOX TV thing.

The only shows I would even think of applying for or appearing on would be “Trading Spaces” or “While You Were Out”. There’s not a whole lot they could do to trash my house (short of putting glass shards on the walls or straw lining the commode) and I’d really like to have a room or my patio re-done.

Other than those, fergit it. I can make a fool out of myself without going on television to do so.

…and I just now noticed the word “talent” in the OP. Color me extremely non-observant. (See? I told you I didn’t have to be on tv to make a fool out of myself!)

I change my answer to read: “No” resoundingly. Gotta have some kind of talent in the first place, other than my amazing ability to put my entire foot in my mouth in one graceful, fluid motion.

OMG they just called. I have an audition on Monday at 1pm in LA. Great - what have I gotten myself into :). I obviously will be going because I’ll kick myself if I don’t but I have no idea if I am anything like what they are looking for, or as I said if I even want to be. I am a trained singer but I’ve only been to one audition in my life and that was for the Cirque du Soleil. I was nervous as heck that day and didn’t “perform” well though I think I sang ok. I always tell myself that if I ever do another audition I will bring it and not let my fear get the best of me. God I hope I can really do that!

I can’t believe I’m going to do this…

Good luck to you and have a ball!! Even if you trip over your own feet or get a sneezing attack, you’ll come out with a great story. :smiley:

Be cool and nonchalant, and if you make it to the big time, don’t forget all us little people!

Very cook, dreamer! Have fun!

Let us know what happens. We’re all rootin’ for you.

What are you going to sing?

I, too, might have auditioned for AmIdol if I wasn’t too old. If I had, I think I would either have sung opera*, just to see the reactions, or something from the girl-group genre. In which case I would have dressed appropriately: A-line dress, beehive hairdo, white lipstick,

On that note, have you given a thought to what you’re going to wear?
*I’m nowhere near opera-caliber, but I can fake my way through an aria.

My roommate just today made the cut for MTV’s new talent search show for dancers. I guess it will air in the late summer, and the talent will be gathered in Las Vegas to pick a winner.

No one will remember this by then, but he’s the black guy with the thin mustache and a red hat.